Season ends for San Pedro in Draw with Verdes, Islanders Capture 3rd place in League Playoffs

Last Sunday, September 29th at Ambergris Stadium the football game between Real Verdes and San Pedro Football Club was a thrill a minute championship playoff. Novelo's Real Verdes came to the island on a mission - to defeat the San Pedro Football Club and win the opportunity to face league leaders Juventus Caribbean in the national playoffs.

The Islanders knew they had a tough road ahead of them, a win of three points or more was needed to recapture second place and compete for the championship. The stands were filled to capacity and hundreds of fans crowded at the sidelines. League officials and national media were present. Channel 5 videoed the game and it was broadcast by Estereo Tu y Yo from Orange Walk and Estereo Amor from Belize City.

Fans got more than their money's worth. The game was action packed from start to finish, great foot work, headers, long kicks and passes; it seemed each play was more spectacular than the one before. No player was timid, the desperation to score was intense. San Pedro's goal keeper Delmar Sutherland was outstanding, constantly stopping cannonballs headed into the net. The half ended zero - zero.

Most of the second half action took place in front of Verdes goal. Sutherland and Al Westby kept the Green Machine from hitting paydirt. Late in the second half Hector "Gama" Mesa was fouled by Verdes' player #7, William "Locho" Coye. Following the collision of the two players, Coye swung at Gama and was issued a red card and sent to the bench. Coye indicated he would file a protest stating that this was the first red card he had received in his football career. He said he thought both players should have been carded for the altercation. Minutes later the final whistle blew. The game was over, neither team was able to score but Verdes won the big one - the draw cemented their second place position in the playoffs. San Pedro and Acros will not compete for third and fourth place. The San Pedro Football Club leads Acros by a wide margin with points for games won and goals scored.

The San Pedro Football Club plans to keep in shape for the 1997 season by playing a series of friendly games which will begin in November.

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