Green Reef Environmental and Coastal Research Institute - San Pedro's Newest NGO

San Pedro's newest NGO (non-profit, non-governmental organization) Green Reef Environmental Educational and Coastal Research Institute has set out its objectives as follows:
a) to be a non-profit, non-governmental institution established to promote rational sustainable use of the Coastal Zone's (including the three offshore atolls) natural resources.
b) To assess the State of Belize's coastal environment and to contribute to the understanding of coastal resources.
c) To assist in the development of rational sustainable development programmes to the benefit of the individual and the public.
d) To support communication between developers, conservationists, educators, researchers and the general public.
e) To create a long term awareness programme where all people will benefit through the proper management of the natural resources and to encourage sustainable welfare of Mother Nature's resources through communication, training, education, research and management.
f) To provide services, advice and assistance on development and environmental matters.
g) To compile a data base to include the collection, storage, synthesizing and dissemination of information relevant to resource development, conservation, natural and cultural resources, land use and tenure, ecosystems and environmental states and issues.
h) To offer support, facilities, services, and technical assistance to other institutions, organizations, and individuals engaged in research, education, training, or the development process.
The directors of the board of Green Reef are Mito Paz, Richie Wood, Gach Guerrero, Catherine Paz and Fidel Ancona. Mito Paz said that the board is concerned about the effects of lethal yellowing on the island's coconut palms and currently is investigating locating funding sources to enable Green Reef to purchase and plant disease resistant trees. Paz estimates that 10,000 trees should be planted to ensure that the habitat for wildlife remains as well as maintaining the beauty the trees provide.

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