Horse Stable Destroyed by Fire

The San Pedro Fire Department at around 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday, October 9, 1996, was called to the scene of a fire at a horse stable belonging to Steven Valencia.

The horse stable which is located in the San Pablo area was almost entirely burned.

According to Henry Woodye, the fireman in charge of the department, "The stable was already on fire and there wasn't very much we could do to save the place. What we did do was extinguish the fire before it could spread to any nearby houses."

Shortly after the arrival of the fire department the police arrived at the scene. Assistant Inspector Dean Lozano reported that the building constructed of wood, thatch and palmetto measured 15 feet by 25 feet. The owner of the stables along with his brothers also lived in the structure. According to Lozano the cause of the fire and the cost of the damages are unknown.

The fire department has not determined the cause of the fire and the police department is investigating.

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