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Printed in four colours by Angelus Press and enhanced by colour photos by Tony Rath, the Ministry of Economic Development has released a very attractive booklet with facts and figures about Belize. Oriented towards attracting investors, the publication has a short historical review of Belize, economic indicators over the past few years, a section on government policy regarding investment, foreign exchange regulations, and some general chapters on the advantages of investing in Belize. It is an ABC primer written expressly for that person or company that is in the initial stages of deciding whether a Belize investment is viable.

Of course, some of the figures cited seem a little optimistic (such as an 80% literacy rate) but then the business of this book is to be positive. Congratulations on a good effort, created and published right here in Belize. The lush photographs by Tony Rath capture the flavour of the country and are a valuable addition to the publication.

As the Prime Minister says in his remarks, "We hope that this booklet will help to provide some of the answers to your questions and at the same time sensitize you to the uniquely Belizean opportunities and hospitality that await the investor."

There is one item that has been pointed out to us by a few people. In the section called "Belize at a glance" a listing of all the towns is printed. San Pedro is not included, although Monkey River is listed. Perhaps this might be corrected in the second edition.

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