Alberto Nuñez Named Mayor, Elito Arceo Deputy Mayor

His Lordship Mayor Alberto "Beto" Nuñez
At a rally held at Central Park on Thursday, March , the choice of mayor and deputy mayor by the newly elected town councilors was announced. San Pedro's new mayor is Alberto "Beto" Nuñez and the deputy mayor is José Elito Arceo. At the rally, the new mayor addressed the crowd as follows; Address by His Lordship The Mayor, Mr. Alberto Nuñez on Thursday, March 13, 1997 at the Central Park in San Pedro

Thank you Mr. master of ceremonies. beloved people of San Pedro.

Firstly, I want to thank you all for your support during our campaign, and for the support you are giving us tonight. We will need more of your support and patience because when we went into the office of the town board yesterday, we found out that the debts left by the previous town board amounted to approximately $260,000.00 and only about $4,000.00 was left in the bank accounts. Also, there is an excess of 12 to 15 employees.

Ladies and gentlemen, the finances of the town board are in such very bad state, that I do not even want to believe it.

I challenge any UDP councilor from the previous town board to come and tell me that what I said is not true and to prove to us that this is not so; because if there is sufficient money in the bank, it would make me very happy.

I remember listening to a UDP candidate say on the television that here in San Pedro only the UDP has made a difference. Now I know what is the difference. The difference is the waste of money, irresponsibility, poor management, and the lack of vision for the future.

This is what lies ahead for us and we will have to be very tight on the expenses for a while until we are financially stable. I will reiterate to you a saying that is becoming very popular here in San Pedro - "We will fight against the wind and the tide." This is the favorite saying of Mr. Baldemar Graniel for whom I ask a big round of applause, because we owe him a lot for the many things he has done for his beloved town and for all of us.

I will not take any more of your time because tonight is to be merry and to enjoy yourselves with Gilharry 7.

Thank you.

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