Said Musa New PUP Party Leader

The People's United Party's (PUP) convention, held on Sunday, November 10, in Belmopan has resulted in the confirmation of the Honourable Said Musa as the new party leader. Mr. Musa defeated the Honourable Florencio Marin by a vote of 358 to 214.

Bruce Stratton reported from the convention site and posted the following on the Usenet's Belize-Culture group:

"A crowd of at least 2,000 onlookers, bused in from all over the country, and almost all of whom wore tee shirts emblazoned with 'Said Musa for party leader' began arriving at nine in the morning and stayed through the balloting which ended about 3:30.

One veteran Cayo politician saw the election as a recognition of the importance of the urban, business and professional groups and of the reduced influence of village and agricultural forces. He also suggested that the results indicate that the PUP will not allow ethnic and cultural divisions either in the party or in the social fabric of the country, to the extant that they can prevent it..."
This Sunday, November 17, another convention will be held. This convention will decide who will be on the new Executive and Central Party Council. The deputy party leader will also be chosen.

Mr. Musa succeeds the Right Honourable George Price. On October 17, Mr. Price announced that he would step down as party leader, although he would continue in politics and run again for area representative from the Pickstock Division

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