PUP Sweeps Town Board Elections. San Pedro Elects 6 PUP Councilors, 1 UDP

The UDP (front) and the PUP (seated) shared the Town Hall Conference Room on Nomination Day
In a hotly contested, but peaceful election, San Pedro electors chose a new town board on Tuesday, March 11th. In a repeat of the 1994 town board election, the split vote (approximately 300) determined the outcome of the election with 6 People's United Party (PUP) candidates and one United Democratic Party (UDP) emerging as San Pedro's new town board. The new town board consists of the following successful PUP candidates: Jose Elito Arceo (996 votes); Alberto "Beto" Nunez (980 votes); Omar Guerrero (975 votes); Eiden Salazar (964 votes); Normando "Mandy" Castillo (957 votes; Pedro "Pete" Ayuso (945 votes) and UDP candidate and former mayor Manuel Heredia, Jr. (952 votes).

The results for the unsuccessful candidates are as follows ; Hector Trejo (PUP) - 924 votes; Felipe Paz, Jr. (UDP) - 903 votes; Severo Guerrero (UDP) - 896 votes; Juan Alamilla (UDP) - 886 votes; Fidel Ancona (UDP) - 878 votes; Romel "Nestor" Gomez (UDP) - 830 votes and Cecelia "Ceci" Lara (UDP) - 782 votes.

6,741 votes were cast for the PUP; 6,127 for the UDP. 2,319 electors were eligible to vote in San Pedro, a significant increase over the 1994 figure of approximately 1,717 electors. In 1994, 80.74% of those eligible voted.

Other towns in Belize also voted PUP down the line, completely changing the political line-up in the country. A close count in San Ignacio resulted in a re-count that continued until 2 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, when the UDP conceded that town also. Every municipality in the country is now PUP controlled. Previously, all towns had UDP boards with the exception of the Belize City Council.

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