Vivienne Reynolds Wins Poetry Grand Prize for Second Year

Master of Ceremonies Dennis Wolfe and Vivienne Reynolds

Vivienne Reynolds won the grand prize at the Sixth Annual Poetry Contest held at Fido's Courtyard on Valentine's Day, February 14th. The judges were Johhny Greif III, Vivienne Reynolds and "Wing Ding Wilma" from Connecticut. Master of Ceremonies was Dennis Wolfe, who read poems for absentee writers. There were 46 local entries and fourteen foreign entries. Winning poems are printed on Insert A.

The winners are as follows: Grand Prize - $150, San Pedro Sun - Vivienne Reynolds "The Dreamer"; 1st Place Romantic - Round trip anywhere Tropic Air flies - Ernesto Ferrufiño "Garden of Love"; 1st Place Humorous - Round trip ticket Island Air - Lydia Chuc "I Need a Wife"; 3rd place - Dinner for 2 with a glass of wine from Little Italy - Melbourne Alvarez " Please Forgive Me"; 4th place Dinner for 2 at La Margarita - Angela Guerrero "I Remember"; 5th place - Dinner for 2 at Casa Caribe - Melbourne Alvarez "There's An Excitement"; 6th place Dinner for 2 at Victoria House - Karim Segura "Unbearable Love"; 7th place Dinner for 2 at Capricorn - Angie Graniel "Valentine Day"; 8th place - Dinner for 2 at Coco Palms Restaurant at the Sunbreeze Hotel - T-Travels "Time Stand Still"; 9th place -$50 bar tab at The Pier Lounge - Ian O'Bradyson (Adrian Boyson) "Untitled"; 10th place $50 bar tab at the Purple Parrot Bar at Ramon's Village - Elisa Flowers "Forbidden Love"; 12th place Fido's Parasail Adventure - Vanessa Guerrero "Lost Love"; 13th place - Innovative Water Sports Jet Ski Adventure - T.Travel "Grieving Heart"; 14th place - $25 bar tab at the Crazy Canuck's Bar at Hotel Playador - Anna Marie Reneau "My Love"; 15th place - 1 large pizza from The Barrier Reef - Letty Alvarez "My Fantasy"; 16th place 1 case of Coca Cola from San Pedro Distributors - Michelle Hendy "Lonely Heart"; 17th place - 1 case of Pepsi Cola from Guadalupe Montejo, Pepsi Distributor - Melody Wolfe "Dennis is my Valentine"; 18th place 2 Exotic drinks at Splash Bar at the Belize Yacht Club - Jaime Manzano "I Love You"; 19th place 2 Exotic drinks at the Hideout Bar at the Hideaway Sports Lodge - Melbourne Alvarez "It's a Natural Love"; 20th place @ Exotic drinks at Seashells Bar at Caribe Island Resort - Sylvia Alvarez "Wishing".

In the "foreign - out of country or by e-mail" division, Ed T. Moore who wrote "The Book" won 1st place, a year's subscription to the San Pedro Sun and 2nd place went to John Oldenburg, who e-mailed his poem "Donna" but was present in San Pedro vacationing. John read his poem and captured a year's subscription to The Lodi Enterprise in Lodi, Wisconsin.

The Grand Prize Winner

The Dreamer

Constantly on my mind
I look up and fragments of you I find
Each one holds so precious a memory
I truly thank God for the blessing he sent to me
Treasures of the sea lies around and above me
Fills my soul and makes me yearn for thee
In this game I am the victor
Because loving you made my heart beat swifter
Constantly on my mind
I look up and fragments of you I find
Emotions running wild like a stream
Because tonight I know of you I'll dream.

by Vivienne Reynolds

First Prize Humourous

I need a wife!

In this season of love -
Is it a great love affair I dream of?
I sit and contemplate, what I want most -
Chocolate covered treats and a champagne toast?

In this time of cupids and valentines -
Do I want sweet flowers and a poem that rhymes?
I search my tired heart to find an answer.
Do I want world peace and a cure for every form of cancer?

On this annual occasion of giving hearts -
I'd give my heart for a few hot home-baked coconut tarts.
All I want is clean underwear!
I want a button sewn to my blouse and someone to mend the tear.

On this wonderful Valentine's Day -
I want someone to brush the cobwebs on my walls away.
All I want is my dishes to be washed clean.
Oh how I long to have my shoes washed so that the actual colour can be seen.

On this very moment for star-eyed Valentines -
I want a wife who'll cook, clean and wash my window till it shines.
I'm a hard working woman who needs a wife!
Not, for physical and emotional love but for domestic help and a contented life!


First Prize Romantic

Garden of Love

It's a garden of remembrance
Where fragrant flowers grow
from the tiny seeds of comfort
that love and kindness sow.

by Ernesto B. Ferrufiño Jr.

First Prize - Foreign Entry

The Book

If I could be that book,
the one you caress tonight
by the fire.
If your delicate fingers
could be touching me just as gently
as you hold that cover;
and with each page you turn,
you could go deeper inside my soul,
to see the passion I hold for you.
I am jealous of a book!
For its' closeness,
that your eyes gaze upon it,
instead of me.
It hears your laugh, your sigh,
your soft breathing.
The gentle beating of your heart,
that I wish could calm
the rapid one that beats inside of me.
Tonight I lay here and I dream
I could fulfill the hunger and the need,
and lay in bed with you,
and that book that you read.

by Ed T. Moore

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