Police Receive Donated Vehicle

Assistant Inspector Dean Lozano (on
the left) receives the keys to the
pick up from Ramon Nuņez.

On Tuesday October 15, 1996, local businessman Ramon Nuņez donated a 1987 black Ford Ranger pick-up truck to the San Pedro Police Department .

Present at the small ceremony were the officers of the Department, Assistant Inspector Lozano, Mrs. Gloria Guerrerro, Mona Lisa Longsworth from Atlantic Bank, His Worship Manuel Heredia, Jr. J.P., Mayor of San Pedro Town, Jack Westerhold, temporary Chairman of the San Pedro Crime Committee and Ramon Nuņez. Mr. Nuņez is the former chairman of the crime committee and has been active for years in the area of crime prevention.

Lozano gave the welcome speech and was very generous with his thanks to Mr. Nuņez for his gracious contribution to the department and the community. Lozano said "The purpose of the vehicle is for police response and work. We will do our best to care for the vehicle and to respond to the needs of the citizens." He went on to speak of the importance of having a vehicle when a distress call is made to the station and they must respond to it quickly. Lozano was very concerned with not being criticized by the public for the misuse of the vehicle and asks the public to report if the vehicle is seen parked at any of the bars in town. He says he will do his best to see to it that the vehicle is not used for pleasure and will take care of it so that it will last a very long time. Lozano also thanked Mr. Nuņez on behalf of Hon. Minister Dean Barrow and the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Barnet.

The Mayor, His Worship Manuel Heredia, spoke to the gathering and said, "Nothing is more beautiful to see than the private sector, Government and the Police working to make San Pedro a better place." He too expressed his concern of the misuse of the vehicle and hopes that the Inspector will do his best to prevent it. He also said that he was proud of Mr. Nuņez and that he hopes more people in the private sector will follow in his footsteps.

Mr. Nuņez then handed over the keys and the registration papers to Inspector Lozano. Lozano added that the vehicle will be driven by the officers and not by a civilian driver. He said that he was quite confident that his officers will be able to do a good job. He also commented that the department was to receive another vehicle from the Ministry of Tourism and he hopes that the kind contribution from Mr. Nuņez would not hamper the Ministry from donating the vehicle they had previously promised. The department will also be receiving a boat from Mr. Carmen Zetina, Assistant Commissioner of Police, very soon.

The officers and invited guests ended the short ceremony with friendly conversation and a small snack.

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