Open Day for Police Week

Some of the confiscated articles on display at the Police Station

On Tuesday, August 12th, activities continued for police week with an open day at the police station in down town San Pedro. The week was officially opened on Sunday August 11th with a special mass at the Roman Catholic Church. The theme for this year is, "Crime in Progress? Donít delay, call the Police right away".

Tuesday's open house at the police station house gave the public and law enforcers an opportunity to interact, thus building a better and stronger relationship with the police. The general public was able to converse and see what a typical day at the police station is like. A display was also mounted to show some of the equipment used in law enforcement and articles that are recovered and held for evidence in court cases. Also on display were unclaimed items recovered from crimes because the individuals have either left the country, in the case of visitors, or locals who are unaware of the recovery of such items. These items will eventually be sent to Belize City for auction. Proceeds from the auction goes to government as general revenue. Guns, knives, masks, bats, drugs and other items which were recovered from various crime scenes were shown.

The week will continue with a visit to the "hot spots" on Tuesday, August 12th and a discussion on crime and crime prevention on Thursday, August 14th. The idea of visiting "hot spots" is in keeping with building a better relationship with the general public. The public is especially invited share their ideas on how to make San Pedro a better - and crime - free place.

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