Fifth International Sea & Air Festival Approaches
Ivette Graniel is Belize's representative in the Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional beauty pageant

La Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional Takes Shape

Opening the Sea & Air Festival on Tuesday, August 13, is one of San Pedro's favourite functions - a beauty pageant. The organizing committee for La Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional is pleased to announce the contestants for the pageant. Miss Ivette Graniel (pictured on the left) will represent Belize. Representing El Salvador is Miss Salvador Maya, Carmen Yesenia Rodriguez. Miss Honduras, Maria Josepha Zamola will compete for her country. Guatemala is sending Miss Maria de Lourdes Cuellar Ardon. Mexico will also be represented by a recognized beauty queen, replacing Miss Quintana Roo who was unable to attend..

The pageant is part of the opening celebrations for the 1996 Sea & Air Festival on Tuesday, August 13th at the festival grounds. It marks the first time that each of the Mundo Maya countries will be represented by an officially recognized beauty queen. The organizing committee would like to thank all the people and businesses who have generously supported Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional.

Grupo Zots to appear at Sea & Air Festival

Grupo Zots will be appearing on August 16th at the Fifth International Sea & Air Festival. It is the first time Honduras will be presenting a cultural group at the festival. The band appearing with the dancers on Honduras night is the popular La Gran Banda.

Press Release, Sea & Air Festival

Zots started in 1987 as a young dance group from the Instituto Jesus Milla Selva. From its beginning this dance group manifested the proper enthusiasm needed to become a professional dance group. Zots was enforced with new generation of young people that today perform a professional, choreographed dance all thanks to the discipline demanded by the founder and director, David Flores.

Zots is a group whose main objective is to project their national identity through their dances consisting of rich values and national themes and incorporating the folkloric elements and the popular culture combined in all its splendor through systemized investigation that boasts various phases true to the spectacle.

Sunita Castillo will be performing East Indian dances on Saturday, August 17th - Belize/Caribbean Night

David Flores, Director of the group is insistent on the production of highly rated, genuine shows, which are projected with the magnitude of shows for all areas of the country with reviews of international level. Up to date the group has had the opportunity to perform in Guatemala, the United States of America, Spain, Mexico and Colombia. Zots' repertoire is nurtured with cultural and traditional dances of all the Honduran territories.

For Zots their dance is very important as it serves as the growth of their culture, it is an international language of understanding, a means of communication of all the villages and an indispensable activity in the life of a person. The dances are not showcased as a decoration but as the expression of the soul of men.

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