Service Best Promotion Training for the tourism industry

Press Release - October 7, 1997 - Belize Tourism Industry Association -

With the support of the Belize Tourist Board, BTIA (Belize Tourism Industry Association) joined the other six Central American countries to ensure quality and service excellence in business in our countries in an effort to increase the professionalism of those working in the Tourism Industry. Fedecatur signed a one time agreement to deliver "Service Best" to the Tourism Industry throughout Central America. This program is being customized to suit the needs and idiosyncrasies of each country. "Service Best" program was developed when Industry partners strongly felt there should be a business recognition component that allows businesses to tell customers they are committed to training for service. These partners agreed that there needed to be a commitment of minimum numbers trained to qualify, that businesses must keep meeting the requirement annually, and that business investing time and money to training would display an internationally recognized decal advertising awareness to clients, customers, and international visitors.

There are three main components of this program, the First component targets front end providers such as Custom and Immigration officials, clerks, receptionists, waitresses, bartenders, cashiers, taxi drivers, and all service related personnel. The "Service Best" staff seminars will teach the individual how to become a service fanatic in a world of rising customer expectations. It takes a look at how little things like adding a personal touch can mean so much to the customers, the success of your personal touch can mean so much to your business and your job satisfaction. Depending on the customers service focus, whether it is a client, guest, visitor, customer, traveler or tourist, whether they are from oversees or down the block, all have expectations that they look to the front end provider to fulfill. To each customer, YOU - the front end provider, are the business. When a front end provider meets or exceed customers expectations, they contribute to the growth of themselves, their place of employment and their community. Customers expect to be treated individually and to have their unique needs responded to with speed and courtesy. Specifically, they expect....excellent service, positive attitudes, answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

Belize Institute of Management (BIM) will be providing these seminars on behalf on the Association. BTIA with the support of the Belize Tourist Board (BTB) plan to adapt this section in conjunction with other related training bodies.

The second component is the Management Seminar and is targeted to middle and upper managers and proprietors. In today's service-oriented economy, quality customer service is essential to the survival and success in business. If a business doesn't provide quality service, other establishments will - and will reap the customer and employee benefits together with the profits. Managers must create an environment that fosters and supports a superior service culture. Without this environment, how can employees be expected to provide an exemplary level of service? These seminars will provide practical enjoyable experiences to help the manager further develop insights into those service management practices that significantly contribute to a quality service. It provides techniques and discussions with other colleagues; managers will increase their awareness of how to meet the challenges of hospitality.

BIM will provide these seminars and act as the trainers for the industry requirements.

The third component is the University counterpart. This is to be developed at a workshop in Honduras on November 2 - 5. Mr. Vincent Palacio of the University College of Belize (UCB) has been selected to represent BTIA. UCB has agreed to represent the country and the Association in the adaptation and implementation of this portion for the Industry.

All the participating countries, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica have agreed to formally launch this regional program in Belize on Thursday, November 6th. This will followed by the quarterly regional meeting to be held in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The Canadian counterparts will attend together with the project consultants.

Through this medium, BTIA wishes to thank the Government of Belize, the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment and the Belize Tourist Board for their financial support of BZ$21,000.00. This has enabled BTIA to maintain its membership in the regional body representing the entire tourism Industry of Belize.

If you require any additional information, please feel free to call BTIA at 02-75717.

Service Best Promotion Training for the tourism industry

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