UDP Town Board Candidate Moises Tzul Withdraws, Ceci Lara Selected to Run

In a surprise development last week, United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate Moises Tzul withdrew as a candidate for the Town Board. Mr. Tzul has also been terminated as the clerk of the Ambergris Caye Planning Committee and other functions he was performing for the Sport Committee and the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association. An emergency meeting of the UDP Executive on Saturday resulted in the selection of Ms. Ceci Lara as a candidate for the Town Board election, to be held in March. The decision was revealed at a rally held on Sunday, January 26. Ms. Lara was Miss San Pedro 1995-96 and currently works at a Barrier Reef Drive gift shop.

In a letter directed to the chairman of the UDP Executive Committee dated January 24, Mr. Tzul stated,

"I am formally withdrawing as a UDP candidate for the upcoming Town Board elections.

The responsibilities of a candidate and in extension that of a councilor of the San Pedro Town Board are enormous! The judgement calls and the dedication needed to see issues and projects through are awesome! I have concluded that I am not yet ready to take on such responsibilities and obligations.

Therefore, I have decided that it is in the best interest of our party and that of the people of San Pedro Town that I withdraw from the race for this election.

I want to assure you that I will continue to support the UDP party because I am convinced that it has worked for all of the people and will continue to do so when reelected.

Thank you for the opportunity that our party gave me. I will always be grateful for the support.

/s/ Moises Tzul

The letter was followed by a press release from the San Pedro Town Board, which reads as follows:

"Because of the irregularities committed by Moises Tzul during his function as clerk of the Ambergris Caye Planning Committee, the San Pedro Town Board has terminated his employment and taken the necessary steps to remedy the situation.

The proper authorities have been informed and an investigation has begun. The Board discovered the irregularities and immediately took steps to deal with the matter. The Board will not tolerate nor cover a matter such as this one from the people it serves. We are sad that such drastic action had to be taken. However, we believe it was the proper thing to do."

The San Pedro Tourist Guide Association also issued a press release Another press release which reads as follows:

"The Board of Directors of the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association wishes to advise its members that as a result of irregularities committed by Mr. Moises Tzul in his capacity as clerk for the San Pedro Tourist Guide Association, steps have been taken to relieve him of his duties. Therefore, Mr. Moises Tzul is no longer authorized to carry out any business whatsoever on behalf of the association. Should members need any assistance, you may proceed to contact Mr. Edmundo Castillo at the San Pedro Town Board until further notice."

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