San Pedro RC School Holds Christmas Variety Show

The children of San Pedro have started to celebrate the Christmas Season and are spreading the Christmas spirit to people everywhere.

On the December 11th, 1996, the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School held its Christmas Variety Show. The show started at about 7-ish and finished at about 10:45 p.m. There were over 20 presentations of skits, poems, songs, and many dances.

Santa Claus was the first one on stage and even joined in a dance number with Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and the other reindeer that pull his sleigh. One of the crowd's favorite presentations was a dance performed by the beginners' classes, The Hat I Got for Christmas is Too Big. Children dressed in red oversized hats danced energetically to this fun tune.

There were two skits about the birth of Christ. Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were visited by the three wise men, shepherds and angels, who sang, "Alleluia and peace to all mankind". Several classes performed dances and the favorite song of the night was Good Morning Miss Lady.

The evening's activities ended with a dance by Santa Claus and the throwing of candy and sweets. The children flocked around the stage waiting for Santa to distribute his Christmas treats. The San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School would like to wish San Pedro Town a peaceful and blessed Holiday.

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