Sixth Annual Poetry Contest February 14th

The Sixth Annual San Pedro Sun Poetry contest will be held at Fido's Courtyard on Friday, February 14th at 7 p.m. The San Pedro Sun will publish as many poems as possible before the contest.

Poems may be read by their authors at Fido's on the 14th. If an author wishes, their poem (s) may be read by the Master of Ceremonies, Dennis Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe will be performing the M.C. function at the contest for the sixth year.

There are two different categories for writers, foreign and domestic. For the first time, the contest will be international, with the contest announced on The San Pedro Sun's Web site ( Entries from foreign readers will be solicited.

A number of prizes will be offered in both categorties and a list of the prizes available will be announced in the next few weeks. The San Pedro Sun will donate a $150 cash prize in the domestic category and a one year subscription in the foreign category.

Entries may be dropped off at the newspaper office or the Blue Hole Dive Center in downtown San Pedro. They can mailed to The San Pedro Sun, P.O. Box 35, San Pedro Town, Belize, Central America or emailed to
[email protected]

Here is one of the entries received so far:

I need a wife!

In this season of love - Is it a great love affair I dream of? I sit and contemplate, what I want most - Chocolate covered treats and a champagne toast?

In this time of cupids and valentines - Do I want sweet flowers and a poem that rhymes? I search my tired heart to find an answer. Do I want world peace and a cure for every form of cancer?

On this annual occasion of giving hearts - I'd give my heart for a few hot home-baked coconut tarts. All I want is clean underwear! I want a button sewn to my blouse and someone to mend the tear.

On this wonderful Valentine's Day - I want someone to brush the cobwebs on my walls away. All I want is my dishes to be washed clean. Oh how I long to have my shoes washed so that the actual colour can be seen.

On this very moment for star-eyed Valentines - I want a wife who'll cook, clean and wash my window till it shines. I'm a hard working woman who needs a wife! Not for physical and emotional love but for domestic help and a contented life!


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