The San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School

is the only public school on the island of Ambergris Caye. Most of the public schools in Belize are affiliated with a church. Although we are a Catholic school we accept students of any denomination.
It is a standard Belizean school patterned after the British system of education. Students enroll at age 5 into Beginners (kindergarten) and continue through to Standard VI (the equivalent of 8th grade). The curriculum reflects our Caribbean/Central American location.

The present enrollment is approximately 650 students in 22 classrooms. There is a staff of 23 teachers from all regions of Belize and 2 from the United States. Our student body reflects a similar mix but with more regional diversity. We have many students from the neighbouring republics (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, etc.) as well as from regions throughout the world.

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The Government of Belize provides funding for teachers' salaries and all other monies necessary to run the school are provided by generous donations from the community and visitors that have befriended our institution. As with any school, we rely heavily on contributions to provide a warm, educational environment for our students.

New Principal at B.C. School

When classes resumed at the San Pedro R.C. School on September 6, 1999, there was a new Principal taking on the leadership of that institution.

The R.C. Elementary School is San Pedro's oldest and most important educational institution. Going since the 1920's, it has an enrollment of approximately 675 students with a staff of 22 teachers. It receives about 80% of its students from kindergartens and otherwise, and in 8 years prepares them for high school work.

The new Principal taking over the new leadership of the institution is Mrs. Roxani Kay. Originally of Corozal Town, Mrs. Kay has been teaching for 11 years and has been a teacher in San Pedro for 8 years.

Ambergris Today caught up with Mrs. Kay and interviewed her so that San Pedro may have a better appreciation of our new principal.

A.T.- What is your first reaction to your new post?
Mrs. Kay- I felt quite enthusiastic about the new post and am looking forward to the challenge.

A.T.- Do you feel confident that with your skills and with your present staff, the school will perform well?
Mrs. Kay- I feel -very confident. I have been working in this institution for quite a while now and know the place very well. I am well acquainted with both the parents and teachers and have served in the capacity of vice-principal for the school.

A.T. - Will you be teaching or will you take on only a supervisory and administrative role?
Mrs. Kay- I will not be teaching, but dedicating myself to serve only in the capacity of Principal. I want to be able to give 100% to the job as Principal and administrator of the school.

A.T.- Have you established communication links and rapport with pre- schools
Mrs. Kay- As vice-principal, I had communications with both schools an as soon as I get everything running properly, I will continue to communicate with them.

A.T.- What do you think will be your greatest challenge?
Mrs. Kay- Meeting the many different demands that such a big institution has and finding the solutions to all of them.

A.T.- What are the school's strengths?
Mrs. Kay- The familiarity that I have with my great staff from which I will start to find the solutions to the present problems.

A.T.- Any thing or things you would like to see changed at your institution?
Mrs. Kay- Every person has his own unique ideas, and yes, I will change any things.

A.T.- Any final comments, Mrs. Kay?
Mrs. Kay- I'm looking forward to the new school year and meeting the challenges. I feel very confident with my great staff of teachers and I hope they will support me and that the community of San Pedro lends their support too."

A.T.- Congratulations to you and all the best in your new post as well as for the R.C. School.

Article courtesy of Ambergris Today.

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