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There is an area 6.5 miles north of San Pedro Town that is referred to as the Secret Beach. Located on the western lagoon side of the island, from the main road one turns into the Mata Grande area, travels through Grand Belizean Estates and ends up at a beach unlike any other on Ambergris. The shore is intermittently lined with lava rock and sandy landings, and the water is clear and calm. The westward view is dotted with small islands, other lagoon shores and in the far distance you can see Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blackadore Caye. The sandy floor, and shallow water makes for great swimming and languishing with water toys.

The Secret Beach is 40 minutes or so away from the center of San Pedro, and is no longer a secret. This is an established beach area on the other side of the island with restaurants and beach clubs selling seats by the water and fancy drinks out of a pineapple.

To get here, you can either take a taxi or go by golf cart. If you choose the latter, you won’t be alone. There are more than 2,000 golf carts on the 24-mile long island. The road heading north of San Pedro can be riddled with potholes but the route towards the Secret Beach isn’t bad since the businesses have pitched in to pay for fixing the road.

Until a few years ago, getting to Secret Beach involved traveling on a not-so-great dirt road that, at times, depending on the weather, could be nearly unpassable. It wasn’t until the main road was paved in March 2015 that the Secret Beach was a secret no longer. Now, especially on the weekends, this area is a top destination for locals and visitors alike, and of course, half the fun is getting there!

Why not load up the golf cart with friends, family and your towels, sunscreen and snorkel gear, and head north for a day of exploring and fun? There are also a great variety of bars and restaurants along the main road that make for fun stops along the way. Heck the entire day can easily be spent on this expedition!

Secret Beach is on the west side of the island. It's a half hour drive north to about 3/4 mile north of Belizean Shores, turn left (to the west) at the T-intersection and then drive 2-3 miles to the beach, about 20 minutes. The turnoff is well marked. Longish drive but worth it. Make sure you have, at least 1/2 of tank of gas.

Here are some activities you can do at Secret Beach.

Jet Ski tour to Secret Beach
If you’re looking for a completely awesome adventure off the beaten path, then it’s time to check out a private Jet Ski tour to Secret Beach! This private guided tour even has an early morning option that includes the chance to swim/snorkel with wild Manatees!

Get ready for a high speed adventure as you skim across the warm Caribbean water a wave runner. This adventure takes you to the most beautiful parts of the island, that can only be reached by jet ski. Each tour begins with a slow cruise through the Mangrove canal to Chetumal Bay.

There is abundant wildlife along the way, including a wide variety of birds, giant iguanas and even the occasional American Crocodile! Next, you’ll open up the throttle for some high speed fun as you head north through the calm, crystal blue waters toward your first stop; Secret Beach.

Here, your guide will pamper you with bottomless rum punch, cold soft drinks and fresh Island Ceviche & chips. The water here is like a giant swimming pool and you’ll have as much time as you’d like to relax in the warm Caribbean. Next, it’s back on your ski for a tour of some private islands, including Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Blackadore Caye.

Get food, drinks, or a massage at Maruba Beach Klub & Spa
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize. Maruba's award-winning cuisine includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, specializing in mouth-watering, tropical drinks. We have our signature Maruba Therapy spa and products for mom, games and water toys for kids and Dad will enjoy our exclusive Viper Rum. Perfect for the whole family, couples, groups and can be privately rented for the most gorgeous sunset wedding. Open 7 days a week, 8 am - 5 pm. Reservations not required, but welcome. 610-3779 or  [email protected].

Jet Skis
A great way to explore the island and the beautiful Caribbean waters surrounding it is on your own jet ski! There are rentals starting at just 30 minutes and some provide complimentary resort pick-up and drop-off! Belize is home to more than 200 tropical cayes—many of them uninhabited and unexplored. And if you'd like more of an adventure, there are guided jetski tours that take you exploring for hours.

One of the best ways to explore the island is by kayak! Paddle out to the reef and tie up to a buoy for some snorkeling, or go explore the dozens of uninhabited islands in Chetumal Bay.

Paddle Boarding
Stand up paddle surfing and stand up paddle boarding are offshoots of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Variations include flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing, paddle board yoga and even fishing.

Carve up the water and ride the wake behind a wakeboarding boat. Professional instructors make wakeboarding & waterskiing fun and easy to learn, regardless of your skill level. There are trips designed for experienced riders as well as newbies. The calm waters behind the reef are the perfect place to skim over the warm Caribbean!

For more things to do on Ambergris Caye or around San Pedro, click here!

Secret Beach Belize, San Pedro Ambergris Caye

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