One of the features of life in tropical destinations like San Pedro and other parts of the Caribbean is the sale of in-season tropical fruits, vegetables, candy treats and home made pastries by road-side or street vendors.

Usually, they occupy a very small plot of place. In the corner of a street or in any strategic spot along the street where they usually offer special warm dishes, fresh fruits/vegetables, candy treats and much more. During the year, it is a common occurrence to see or spot these vendors making a living by providing us with the very best selection of their produce.

Walking the streets of San Pedro, one can take a look at a variety of yummy treats that are on sale, but do we know most of what they are selling? The San Pedro Sun took it to the streets to visit the many local street vendors and find out about the yummy treats they offer. Here is what we found out!

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  • Genip / Waya
  • Stewed Craboo
  • Plantain Chips
  • Cocoyol Supa
  • Atole de Maiz
  • Pepitos
  • Tamarind Sweets
  • Bread Pudding
  • Jicama
  • Sweet Potato Pone
  • Cocobrut
  • Tamalitos / Ducunu
  • Wangla
  • Avocados


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