Tacio Badillos Fishing and Day Tours is a locally owned family business.

Tacio is a native San Pedrano. The son of Martha and Ramon Badillo, who owned the first glass bottom boat in San Pedro. Tacio grew in the Tropical Paradise of Ambergris Caye at a time when you could pick up Lobsters and Conch Shells just by wading off it's beautiful, Sandy shorelines.

He grew up in a carefree environment along 11 other siblings. Here he grew up fishing and learning the secrets of the sea.

He is a second generation tour guide with over 30 years guiding experience. His knowledge of the Island, Sea and it's surroundings is incomparable.

Our aim is to showcase the beauty of the Belize Barrier reef and it's bountiful natural resources to visitors around the world and to provide our guests with unforgettable memories, while following all the environmental guidelines.

Tacio truly loves people, his profession, his island and it's natural resources.

Join us and we will work hard to ensure that our guests experience the vacation of a lifetime.


- A 15 minute ride boat ride from the island of San Pedro takes you to Hol Chan Marine Reserve. There Tacio takes you on a guided snorkeling adventure along the Belize Barrier Reef. There you will see a diversity of marine animals such as Barracudas, Eagle Rays, Schools of Snappers.

- Our next stop will be the Shark and Ray Alley. Here you will snorkel with the resident Nurse Sharks, Sting Rays, Horse Eye Amberjacks and Blue Tangs.

Water and Refreshment will be provided.

Mexico Rocks and Buena Vista Reef

- A 30 minute boat ride north of Ambergris Caye takes you to another popular snorkeling destination, Mexico Rocks. Here you will enjoy the unique coral formations. The abundant colorful schools of Sergeant Majors are here to greet you. It makes you feel as if you are snorkeling in a aquarium.

- Our second snorkel stop is Buena Vista Reef, a newly discovered snorkeling area. Here Nurse Sharks and Sting Rays have made this area their home.

Water and refreshments will be provided.

Full Day Trip to Caye Caulker

- Our full day adventure to Caye Caulker starts with two refreshing snorkel stops at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. Here you will snorkel among the bountiful marine life of the Belize Barrier Reef, spot Groupers, Eagle Rays, schools of Dog tooth Snappers, Hog fish, Parrot fish, and the occasional Moray Eel. At Shark Ray Alley watch the Horse eye Amberjack compete with the friendly resident Nurse Sharks as Tacio feeds them freshly caught sardines. Our next snorkel stop is at the sand bar. Here enjoy snorkeling among the Southern Sting Ray and Pufferfish as well as spot friendly juvenile marine life and the Logger Head Turtle.

- Then it�s off to Caye Caulker to observe 30 - 50 pound Tarpons at the Caye Caulker Blue Hole, and next to watch the elusive Seahorses at the sea horse ranch. After that we head to Caye Caulker for a delicious lunch at one of its many beachfront restaurants. After lunch we take a leisurely walk in Caye Caulker and pick up a souvenir or an ice cream cone before heading back to San Pedro.

Water, Island Style Rum Punch and Fresh Fruit will be provided.

Lobster Hunting (Seasonal) and Beach Barbeque

- Tacio will take you on this unforgettable adventure spearfishing for the delectable Caribbean Spiny Lobster. Free dive under coral formations and crevices for lobsters. We will then take you to a private beach where Tacio cleans and prepares the mouthwatering lobster tails on the grill alongside succulent potatoes.

Lobster season in Belize is opens from June 15th to February 14th every year.

Reef Fishing

- The day begins by catching fresh bait along the picturesque shoreline of Ambergris Caye. Tacio handcasts his nest and hauls up the silvery elusive sardines the traditional way. Then anchor along the Barrier Reef, or beyond the offshore edge of the reef and start bottom fishing for Snappers, Groupers and Barracudas. Once you catch enough fish for a meal then Tacio then takes you to an idyllic stretch of beach where he cleans and prepares the catch of the day on the grill.

All tackle and gear is provided.

Water, Island Style Rum Punch and Fresh Fruit will be provided.

Half Day and Full Day Reef fishing available. Full Day includes Beach Barbecue.

Private Charters Available.

Tacio Badillo Fishing and Day Tours
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Phone: 011-501-637-0158
Email [email protected]

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