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On February 14th, 2005 the placing of cobblestones on Pescador Drive will commence. Although the government publicly announced that funds were allocated for the street project in 2002, nothing has materialized as yet. In response to the constant request of the community, the Council has decided to embark on this project for the benefit of all.

This much-anticipated undertaking is being financed by the San Pedro Town Council with the assistance of the private sector. The Council has received positive feedback from the business community for this project to begin. Medina's Construction has been hired to carry on the project which will commence from the San Juan Area roundabout going south to the Palace Casino. Following this phase, and depending on the response from the business community, this project will continue until the entire street is complete. The San Pedro Town Council takes this opportunity to appeal to the business community of "La Isla Bonita" to join them in this endeavor so that we may keep our island looking more aesthetically appealing.

Before the commencement of this project, an alternative route for vehicular traffic and pedestrians will be announced. Already the San Pedro Town Council is working on this area. Anyone wishing to contribute to this project may contact the Mayor at the San Pedro Town Council or make their contributions directly to Atlantic Bank account # 100031822.

San Pedrito is an area of town situated about half mile west of downtown San Pedro Town. This sub division is relatively new and is home to about 130 families mainly comprised of families from the lower economic strata. Here lives people who are trying desperately to construct their own home usually of limited means.

Having spent their life saving in providing themselves with shelter, there is no money left for them to use to do the filling of their lots. The Town Council is currently assisting these residents with the sea grass gathered daily from the beach. This however is not adequate and the constant rains makes the problems more pronounced.

The Town Council has deliberated much about this situation but is unable at this juncture to do much more form its own resources while the residents suffer through what could be rightly called sub-human living conditions. The Town Council is a string advocate of changing this negative situation in keeping with the "dignity of man" by improvement of the surroundings.

Having explored all other options, the Council has decided to seek outside assistance to alleviate the present prevailing circumstances in the area by donating eight cubic yards of sand to each lot owner in an effort to improve the social condition that plagues residents of San Pedrito.

An intensive community effort will be launched to fill each yard with sea grass then to top it off with sand. Each home owner has agreed to work in partnership with the Council to bring this project to function.

Friends of San Pedro and all other kinds of donors are asked to make a contribution for projects. For secure credit card donations, see below...

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