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The effectiveness of Cascabel in Malignant Cancer

Case Example No. 639: Mariano Vazquez

January the 6th, 1997

Mariano Vazquez; Paraiso Village, Corozal District, Belize Central America.

Mariano was suffering severe gastric distress. Finally, 0n January the 6th, 1997, he had a Video-endoscopy and biopsy of stomach. This is a short report of his experience

The Biopsy Report (Jan. 8, 1997) identified (In Spanish); " Carcinoma Gastrico Ultroinfiltrante O infiltrante difuso poco diferenctado - Positivo a malilgnidad".

Malignant Cancer!

Mr. Vazquez called me February 4rth. 1997 or one month after the Biopsy. He could no longer eat, had lost 20 pounds in the previous two months, and was in great pain.

In this first picture we see the general condition of his problem. One can hardly help but notice the hemorrhaging of his stomach.

Pictures captured from the actual video endoscopy.

This second picture shows wider view of his situation. We see the biopsy probe, in action, taking a sample in the lower center.

Biopsy sampling of one of the larger growths

Here we see this same growth in closer detail. In the above Pic the probe had forced it down. In this Pic we see it standing freely.

Detail of one of the larger growths

Detail of cavity in "root" area of same growth

Closer detail of erosion of stomach wall due to tumor

The Malignant Cancer is very advanced. Doctors advised that no treatment could help and that Mariano had less than four months to live.


Mr. Vazquez began treatment with me February 4rth. 1997 or one month after the Biopsy. This Next "Pic" is taken after four months treatment.

Exact same area of stomach four months later (June 6, 1997)

Mr. Vazquez stopped hemorrhaging after three days of treatment. He was eating solid food after three weeks. He returned to work in six weeks. Pain was greatly reduced in three days. Totally pain free in six weeks. His appetite returned with "gusto" and he soon regained his lost weight. The treatment was done at his home, the only requirement being to eat 12 doses of medicine per day. No other form of medical service was applied.

Mariano Vazquez -- Age 64

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