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I am planning a vacation trip to the Ambergris Caye area and I am an avid spearfisherman. Is spearfishing still legal in this area? Also what are the special regulations if any in this area for shore fishing?

Spearfishing is quite legal still here in Belize as long as it is not done while scuba diving. You can snorkle and spear fish around the reefs. Nassau grouper has it’s regulation size, and parrot fish of all kinds, together with angel fish is completely illegal too.

And as for shore fishing, there are no regulations that I know of as long as it is not commercial fishing and there are some hotel owners that will not allow any kind of fishing on their dock because they have artificial reefs for their guests to snorkel.

Spearfishing with a tank on your back is totally illegal.

Lately they changed the rules to allow spearing lionfish while diving but only with a special spear designed for that.Having said that, lots of people(tourist/residents) spearfish fish while snorkeling and just don’t get caught because of our lame enforcement ..

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