Brides, Brides and more Brides

here is no doubt that a bride is the center of attention at all weddings. As for the groom, he can get away with a pair of different socks, or dirty shoes or even a mismatched necktie. But not the bride. She must be perfect.

But all brides are lovely and elegant, aren't they? There isn't such a thing as an ugly bride. It doesn't matter whether her outfit came from Paris or Spain or Mexico, or the U.S.A., the outfit is still beautiful. But what if the dress was sewn and fitted in San Pedro itself?

Bertha & Mario Graniel in 1965
You are RIGHT. It would be as beautiful and as elegant as one from Portugal. Twenty five years ago all wedding dresses with train and veil and everything else were made right here in San Pedro. Perhaps the bride or her seamstress went to Chetumal or Belize City to buy some of the materials that went into the dress, butfor the most part, it was a local dress as far as sewing and fitting went. The gloves were sewn and fitted here. The veil was arranged and tried. The dress was cut without a pattern. The bride simply found a sample in some catalog and took it to her seamstress saying that she wanted one just like that. The seamstress took measurements and set out to work. After a week's time, the dress would be ready to be tried on. Thereafter it was minor adjustments and the buttonholes and the hems and the trimmings.

A bridal dress probably cost $100 worth in cloth and materials plus another $50 for labour. Most seamstresses here in the 1940's and 1950's sewed them.

However, competition to out-do other brides took our girls to farther horizons. First it was Chetumal and Merida. Now it is strictly U. S.A. For a dress that is to be worn only for about eight hours, is it worth the price of a thousand dollars? What do you think? Will a dress worth $1000 make you more happily married than one that costs you $300? Whatever the cost long live the bride!

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