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Everwonder what San Pedro Town would be like if it was still connected to the Yucatan mainland? Maybe a Cancun or a Puerto Vallarta. But the Maya, the first inhabitants of the southernmost tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, had a vision- that of keeping their home a Paradise. And they did- by digging a narrow channel that split the peninsula in two parts, giving birth to the island of Ambergris.

Today Ambergris Caye and the town of San Pedro, with its rich culture and history, is a bustling little town ready to welcome tourists from all over the world.

A number of family - run hotels, restaurants, dive shops, and a few condos make tourism happen for the island. The greatest attraction is its coral reef, which lies like a necklace along its entire coast. If you happen to arrive in the early afternoon, chances are before dawn you would be back from your first dive. Coral gardens, canyons, shark alleys, and schools of colourful fish make the underwater world of Ambergris.

From San Pedro, it is very easy to take trips to the mainland for jungle river expeditions, cave tubing and exploration, or excursions to the Maya temples of Tikal, Lamanai, Altun Ha, and many others. Wildlife adventures such as the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary show visitors an amazing variety of bird life, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, crocodiles, bats, and other creatures too numerous to list here...

Click here for a colorful two page (166k) Adobe Acrobat brochure on the island.

Click here for a PDF by the Belize Tourist Board, a quick guide to Belize. It is 2.5mb and eight pages, featuring sections on: Belize Fast Facts, Traveling To Belize, Adventure For All, Belize By Region, Belize Cuisine, and Belizean Culture.

Most of our visitors are divers and fishermen, but a few eco-tourists are starting to find our lagoons, mangroves, and isolated leeward islands rich in tropical wildlife. The more adventurous can enjoy a day in the deep jungles of Belize, or a visit to one of the hidden Maya cities or maybe just a deeper dive in the great Blue Hole. Whatever you choose to do, it is most likely you can do it in Ambergris Caye.

The evenings in San Pedro are cool, and a spirit of fiesta invades the town as both the islanders and tourists look for a place to go for dinner, or just to enjoy a fresh tropical drink. Reggae, salsa, and Spanish melodies fill the air while you share your day's adventures and plan your next trip. For those with extra energy, a visit to one of the local discos will surely do the job. Ask a local to show you how to "punta," a local dance that requires a lot of hip movements. And if you are still not tired and sleepy after all that dancing, go to the beach and wait for sunrise and watch as the island boys get their boats ready for another great day of diving on Ambergris Caye.

by Gach Guerrero

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The 1/2 mile from the beachline to the reefline has an abundance of wonders. Click here for detailed information about this area.

A detailed list of the various mammals, invertebrates, fish, birds, and other creatures that inhabit these waters can be read by clicking here.

Click here for a thorough examination of the plant life on and around the island. The tree, bushes, underwater grasses, a botanical sweep of the island...

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