How Far is Your Dancing Partner

t is fumny how much times have changed, especially in the area of dancing. Twenty five years ago, teenagers specialized in dancing close to their partners as was evident in such dances like the bolero (Spanish soul or ballad), tango, waltz, etc. Today teenagers prefer dancing far from their partners as in a salsa, rap or techno, rhythms. In fact, if teenagers today are in the dance hall and a Spanish soul or "bolero" is played, most of them walk out of the dance hall.

Now let us look closely at the three styles of dancing the bolero. This dance is very romantic in that a young man can actually hold the young lady in his arms, embrace her or hug, her, and even go cheek to cheek with her. This dance, twenty five years ago, came in three styles.

Style One: The gentleman placed his right hand on the young lady's waist. With his left hand he held the young lady's right hand. The lady placed her left hand on the boy's shoulder and used her arms to keep the boy at arm's length or some 10 to 12 inches away. This style was used with a first time dance partner, or a stranger, or with a boy you did not particularly enjoy dancing with.

Style Two: The gentleman placed his right hand and lower arm around the girl's waist. He held the young lady's hand in his left and he also placed his cheek against the young lady's cheek. To cap this style, the girl placed her left arm, not on the boy's shoulder, but rather around his neck. This style was used with closer friends, people you enjoyed dancing With, someone you felt comfortable with but there was no special relationship going on. In this style you could converse while dancing, you could pull the girl closer and you could test her response towards your action.

Style Three: The gentleman placed his right arm completely around the girl's waist. And when he held the girl's hand in his hand, he placed his hand and hers against his left chest. The girl placed her left arm around the boy's neck and would again be very close and cheek to cheek with his partner. He was allowed to caress the girl's hand and they danced. And you guessed- it riot, this was the style between a boy and a girl who had a very close relationship, liked each other, were dating or were close to marriage. This style moved one step farther by the more romantic couples. The male placed both arms around the girl's waist and she placed both hands and arms around the boy's neck. Some girls did not dance cheek to cheek but rather buried their faces into the boy's neck.

Don't you agree that dancing the "bolero" is a lot of fun and very romantic? Whether you were at arm's length, or holding her hand against your chest, it was a lot of fun. What a pity that teenagers do not dance the "bolero" as much as it was done twenty five years ago. There are many young men who are getting a bit old that would probably be married by now if they were dancing the "bolero." In other words, with the "bolero," you did not have to tell a young lady that you liked her. Rather, you showed her with your embrace and your strength while dancing the "bolero." Come on boys; lets learn to dance the "bolero" today. You won't regret it, Twenty five years ago recommends it or perhaps even offers some lessons.

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