Divorces On The Rise

ost actors and television personalities when asked about their romances or their married life speak like this: "Oh, James B???? is a very special man. He is so sweet, so intelligent and generous, and such a wonderful man." Now I ask myself if that person is so "great," why did she break the relationship? The truth, though sad, is that one or both of them is probably a "jerk." There must be something that is terribly wrong for that relationship to be terminated.

Divorces are coming to San Pedro also, perhaps 25 years late (or later than in the developed countries and cities). Twenty-five years ago, divorces were almost unheard of. There was a lot of eloping (running away with your loved one), but not divorces.

Someone has suggested that the reason for these failures today is that the couple marries when they are too young. Sorry Twenty-Five Years Ago strongly disagrees. The average girl in the past used to get married at about 15 or 16. The boys were about 18 when they got hitched. These girls had their first child one year later and by the time they were 22 or so, they had their full-sized family. By 38 to 40, they were already grandmothers.

Twenty-five years ago there were very strong and united families. For one thing, the boy usually had his own house before marriage. This allowed the couple the opportunity to battle out their own problems BY THEMSELVES. Another thing, the girl was pretty mature by 15. By then, she could cook, do laundry, iron, housekeeping and be generally independent. The boy had a stable job of his own - fishing. Very few couples, if any, went to live with their inlaws. Girls became housewives and did their chores independently. Girls became mothers and raised their children to their own ways. Boys took their wives home and had no external interference.

Another factor to be considered is that there was very little "night life" back then. Dances were very seldom held and when they were, both went together. Today we find the man in one bar/discotheque and the wife in another. That does help to deteriorate the husband and wife relationship. don t you agree? There was no television for us to learn about "Dos mujeres, un camino."

These bad examples do corrupt the mind. don't you think so? (Two women in my life was a popular TV series recently.) Also women did not drink 25 years ago. And you will agree that alcohol does change one's mind and state of being for anybody. Now there is marijuana and crack etc. to pervert our minds - something that we did not have 25 years ago.

Indeed it is a pity that we are having more divorces today than we did 25 years ago. Nevertheless, marriage works fine for thousands. All we need is to understand the factors that might be contributing to its deterioration. Strong families make a strong society. Twenty-five years ago invites all to seek for this happiness in our lives.

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