El Gigante De San Pedro

The San Pedro Giant
iguel and Pedro did not believe the stories told to them about "Las Animas" and how Rufo saw them over the sea leaving the cemetery and floating from the direction of the reef. They were two young men who were too "macho" to believe such tales.

It was Pedrito, the younger one, that convinced Miguel, his brother, that they should stay out late one night on November 25, 1955 to find out if the "Animas" really came out on-their nightly processions. "Las- Animas" are the souls of the dearly departed and buried at the San Pedro cemetery by Paradise Hotel.

Miguel and Pedrito were not as brave as professed for they had to take several drinks of white turn to pick up the courage to stay up late or after 12 midnight. Even after 6 straight drinks, Miguel was reluctant, but Pedrito's insistence prevailed. They were by Daddy's Club (now Big Daddy's), near the main pier, a chilly November night and it 'was now 2 am. If the "Animas" were to come out, they would be out by then, so they laughed almost hysterically either at the thought of silly old peoples fables, or at their own drunkenness now at about an 80% level.

Glad that they had a good time, but disappointed they did not see any spirits or ghosts or at least "Las Animas, they slowly staggered on their way home. Around the corner of Tio Dolitos House -(now Rock's Shopping Center), they thought they saw a shadow. Could it be a thick cloud that covered the light of the moon? Suddenly, they looked up to see 2 giant legs, one on each side of the street and soaring about 50 feet into the air. They could see from the waist down, nothing more. A dark pair of pants covered the giant legs and there was a stench in the air.

For a moment both stood petrified and unable to talk. It was Pedro who mustered some courage and pulled his brother by the arm.. They ran in the direction of the giant legs and passed underneath for their humble home was just around the corner. Pedro kicked the gate open and stirred up a commotion of barking dogs and chuckling chickens. With one swift push the door of their house swung open and they landed simultaneously on the floor almost unconscious.

Next morning, their mother, Dona Rosa, did not wake them up, believing that they were suffering the effects of a hangover, but when they got up and recounted their story, nobody could believe them. Again, this sounds like an incredible incident, but like Pedro and Miguel, several San Pedranos have spotted these giant legs during the November nights, as Pedro and Miguel did on November 25, 1955, twenty five years ago.

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