Where did your piece of land come from?
San Pedrito and San What?

ike Cracker Jack - the more you eat, the more you want. The more the merrier! The land in San Pedro' in San Juan and in San Pablo all ran dry. Every lot has been given out. What next? Town leaders are always looking for possible areas where they can satisfy the demand of the population.

Applications for land kept coming in the town board's office, and soon there was need for more residential lots. In 1993, just before a general election, Mayor Baldemar Graniel and Area Representative Glenn Godfreyfound another solution for some 150 to 200 more lots for San Pedro. It was another mangrove swampy area west of the airstrip and going all the way to the lagoon. The area was acquired by government, the government of George Price again and it was called "San Pedrito" or little San Pedro. The minister had a dredge pumping in sand and the idea was to get it fully filled like San Pablo and the cost would have been shared among the property owners. Once again the lots committee accepted open applications and gave each person a lot number. It would have cost about 2 thousand dollars Belize currency to fill each lot. Some 200 lots were issued.

General elections were called in 1993 and though Glenn won his seat, the PUP lost the majority in Belmopan. The new government did not like the PUP project or thought it could do a better job. Soon the dredge was removed, the contract canceled and San Pedrito went to a full-stop. The following year there were town board elections and San Pedrito was used to gain political votes. The 200 original owners lost their lots and they were given out to 200 different persons. That was good. At least needy persons got their lots only that there was no land filled, no roads built, no electricity, no water, no nothing except the flooded lots. Yes, San Pedrito is a reality started by the PUP and issued out by the UDP. It is another growing area of our town with its pains and discomforts. Who will be the "savior" of this area is still to be seen.

And more recently, another project for more lots to the residents. This is the first one dreamed and carried out by the UDP. Congratulations! The area belonging to Escalante was paid for by prospective owners and when all is paid fon titles will be given. All lots in this area have been sold. Who got them is unknown. How they were issued is also unknown as no advertisements inviting for applications were done. But the fact is that people got lots, and some people are happy for that. Rumors are that the town board plans to name the area as San Andres, after the brother of St. Peter, both of them being disciples of Jesus.

To end this series, here is a run down of San Pedro's land reform program:

San Pedro 1960's Jesus' close disciple
San Juan 1973 He baptized Jesus
San Pablo 1988 Another disciple of Jesus
San Pedrito 1993 The little St. Peter
San Andres 1997 Another disciple of Jesus

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