Mexican Influences In San Pedro

wenty five years ago the community of San Pedro was more Mexican in style and custom. This, of course, is understandable. The history books tell us that the first inhabitants of San Pedro were runaways from the "Guerra de las Castas". (the Caste War in Mexico)

The most popular food in the past was corn tortillas and beans. A Sunday or birthday special consisted of tamales. Other favorite dishes were the "relleno", "escabeche", "chirmole", "mole", and "mechado". All of these are still traditional Mexico and accompanied with tortillas and beans were truly our favorites 25 years ago. Most homes today love the rice and beans with stew chicken and potato salad, which is truly our Belizean dish. But folks also delight in pizza, hamburger, barbecue pasta, sweet and sour dishes and chow mein, which are Italian, American, and Chinese in origin. Twenty five years ago people loved the' Mexican music. especially the "Mariachis" with the "Ranchero" music- the music of the grassroots of Mexico. In San Pedro, boys and girls had their collection of long play records in "rancheras". They sang these tunes during their everyday chores. Radio Belize carried several programmes that featured only "rancheras". Today, my children laugh when I play Juan Gabriel's romantic ballads. All I hear at home is Ricky Martin, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Venga Boys, which I too have learned to enjoy

Men dressed in regular long pants. A white shirt with long sleeves and neatly tucked in was typical 25 years ago as was typical with the Mestizos of Mexico.They also wore hats and some placed the handkerchief around the neck. Today the young boys are seen mostly In short pants- baggy and way down to the knees. The belt is hanging loosely and a cap is worn backway. The shirt or T-shirt must be 2 or 3 sizes larger than the actual size of the bearer. The larger the prettier, and the dirtier the neater. That is the style of modern day singers nowadays.

The women used to dress in regular dresses to the knees- wide, loose and comfortable. Plenty of flower designs was typical of the ladies of San Pedro 25 years ago. Today our women are wearing pants for the most part and dresses are mostly short and tight. Twenty five years ago women did not walk the beaches in swimsuits. The typical Mexican was a "macho" and would not tolerate his girl or his wife to exhibit herself in little clothing. Not so anymore. Our ladies are running up and down the beach in bikinis while husbands sip on beer at the beach party. Our beaches are beginning to look like a little corner of Miami Beach.

The serenade was Mexican. That is gone and has been replaced by the discotheques. Whistling while you work was Mexican. That is gone and has been replaced by walkmans. The quince años was Mexican- a special event to introduce a girl to society so she can start socializing and dating. That is gone. Many young ladies are dancing in the nightclubs at age 12 or thereabout.

And yet further back in the 1930's, our grandparents recollect with gusto the great "vaquerias", a 5-day festival held when the "chicleros" arrived from their 2 to 3 month expeditions in the bush. That is long gone- even before I came into existence. So I guess we will continue to change and to adopt new cultures that will make us part of the 21" Century. Today San Pedro seems very much Americanized. Who knows what it will look like 25 years from now? I'll remind you if I'm still writing by then into the new millenium.

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