Repairing Of The Fishing Boats

alk about a sleeping village with nothing to do. Well, when a boat was to be Pulled LIP for repairs it was like a ritual in the village (if San Pedro 25 years ago.

First, the boat owner would go about borrowing the special pulleys and ropes needed to make the job easier. There were 2 or 3 sets of pulleys and these were lent with the condition that they be returned as soon as possible.The night before the job, the boat owner would also pass the word around that lie would need some 20 to 25 men to do the job at such and such a time.

Believe it or not, the men looked forward to be there to lend a hand because it was deemed as good Community spirit. Furthermore, the men also owned their boats and expected that if they helped, there would also be helped when it was their turn. And more than that,the owner,of the boat would treat everyone to a lemonade or soda each after-the job had been done.

Pulling up a boat on the beach took manpower. Large rollers would be placed under the boat and the 25, men would rope up along the beach. As the boat advanced up the hill, the rollers were moved ahead and the job became harder until it reached a level on the beach.Once the boat was all the way up and out of the water. they All made sure there was at least some 10 feet between the boat's stern .and the sea, a sort of path for passersby. It took about half an hour to Pull One boat. and then they would all go to enjoy their sodas.

Once the boat was on land. children delighted in using it to play hide and seek in the evenings. The boats also provided a nice shade for an afternoon nap on the beach. Many men came to enjoy a siesta and the shade while the owner scraped. repaired. and repainted his boat. It took about a week to get the job well done and the name was repainted.Then it would be pushed back into the water ready for another year's work at sea. And so ended a tradition that sort of broke the monotony and lazy afternoons in San Pedro 25 years ago, The tradition was like a ritual, one in which all the friends and neighbors participated in.

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