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r. Angel Nuñez, columnist of Twenty Five Years Ago, would kill me for intruding in his area of topics, so we begged his permission to bring about this documentary about transportation in Millenniuum Countdown. It's our respect and appreciation to the great strides in development during this past century brought about in the area of transportation.

San Pedro has been called "A Sleeping Fishing Village" a title that suited us ill the 1940's and 1950's when the lifeblood of our community was fishing. That has changed, but our tourism promoters would love to maintain that status, if not as an industry, at least with the ambience and taste of a "sleeping fishing village." Indeed, if carefully planned and promoted, we can maintain that "fishing status."

Transportation in San Pedro has been linked to the following: sailing boats, canoes or doreys, motor boats, speed boats, cargo boats, barges, passenger boats, taxis, airplanes, helicopters, and tour operators. To appreciate this service and the great big improvements and innovations brought about in transportation, here from Ambergris Today- some facts on this topic. Transportation in San Pedro

1848-Doreys and canoes, (paddles).

1920's- Sailing boats transporting cargo.

1940's- Doreys with rails.

1940-1950's- The Elsa P. cargo boat and sailing boats.

1960's- The Ema V. cargo boat and sailing boats powered with outboard motors.

1962- Maya Airlines (founded, then started in San Pedro a few years later).

1965- The speedboats (outboard motors).

Late 1960's- Airstrip built.

1970's-Mash's Taxi Service

1979- Tropic Air

1980's- Other Airlines- Subec (Mandy Castillo), Caribee, and Javier's Flying Service, helicopter night ambulance (courtesy of the British Armed Forces), and Wings of Hope Air Ambulance and the Caribbean Queen Cargo Boat.

1986- Thunderbolt cargo/passenger service and the Sea Otter cargo/passenger.

1989- Island Air

1990's- Krystal Shipping Line.

1992- Andrea Ferry Boat Service

1998- Miss San Pedro Passenger Service.

1997- Island Air/ Maya Airways merge into Maya Island Air.

What will out new millennium hold for us In terms of transportation. An international airport for commercial jets? Airboats? Whatever it is, it will be faster and more comfortable and hopefully cheaper fares as well. We will soon find out since there are only 65 more days for the new millennium. Stay tuned?

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