Wise Old Men

hen teaching us about "morals and life" my father used to tell us - "La soga se revienta donde esta mas delgada y donde hay un nudo, alla se acumula el verdin." (The rope bursts where it is thin, and where there is a knot, the green algae accumulates.) And then my dad would explain that the poor man always ends up at the losing end of the deal, and the rich end up accumulating more riches.

For a long time this saying was not clear to me but gradually it sank in. It is the poor man that seems to lose his job, to have his boat adrift or sunk or stolen, his house bums, his family gets sick. And too often he cannot do anything about it. If a poor man is caught with drugs, he will go to jail because he could not pay a lawyer to bail him out. A rich man is caught deep into drugs and he will be free because he could pay some lawyer to get him out And he keeps on accumulating.

A few incidents with Mitch will also point out this wise old saying of my dad. The most commonly talked about one was the jacking up of prices by a particular store. I do not know if this is true, as the gentleman has denied it and explained it very well. But take a look at this. This other gentleman had his property well filled up with sand and also wanted the beach sand. He even shoveled some in and did not want the Town Board to level the beach because he believes it is his sand. He got away; accumulated more. Another so-called gentleman was all about the beaches picking up parts of piers that belonged to other people. His excuse was that he wanted to rebuild his pier. But he never did own a pier! There you go again, accumulate more. And so we hear of a poor man losing some property and can't do anything but start all over again, like the poor owners of Tackle Box. However, some richer person had losses but good insurance to help him back on his feet.

Twenty Five Years Ago called his dad and said - "Hey dad, it is true that where there is a knot on the rope, there is where the green algae (verdin) will gather." And dad said - "Yes my son, the hurricanes must come so that the sand that is at the top goes to the bottom, and the mud settles on top." Thanks, old man, for those wise sayings.

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