The low student-faculty ratio at The Island Academy ensures that students will have an opportunity to interact with all of the teachers. Teachers were selected to be a part of the faculty at this school because of their enthusiasm, concern, inspiration, fairness and leadership ability. In addition to instruction in the classroom, they will be role models offering help and guidance along the way.
Our faculty members are a vital part of our school as well as the community. Interaction with them will be an invaluable tool in learning the importance of being fully involved in the school and community.
Teaching staff who are not involved in the daily physical education program are available on an appointment basis from 3:00 until 4:00 p.m. daily to meet with students and their parents.

Questions about The Island Academy should be directed to the office.

  • Absence/Medical Information
  • Application/Registration/Tuition Payments
  • Academic Inquiries
  • Admission Inquiries
  • Education Testing
  • Financial Aid/Scholarships
  • Lost and Found

To contact The Island Academy:
Dixie Summerscales Phone:  011-501-26-3642
Coconut Drive Fax:      011-501-26-3642
San Pedro, Belize

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