Diving off Ambergris Caye and the Belize Barrier Reef

"Diving the Belize Barrier Reef off Ambergris Caye is easy...none of the many dive sites are more than 30 minutes ride away from San Pedro, and some are much closer! Our two local dive vessels "Sharky 1" and "Sharky 2" are perfectly equipped to whisk you to the pristine reefs that make diving Belize such a treat. Of course, both vessels are equipped with Canopy, Oxygen, First aid kit and radio and full safety gear.

Surface Intervals with the Blue Hole Dive Center always include drinks (non-alcoholic, of course!) and snacks, so you can enjoy off-gassing as well as the diving. For those of you who prefer to travel light, our rental gear is immaculately maintained and very reasonably priced. If you enjoy diving with our gear and want to buy it, you can! Just ask.

For exposure protection we recommend a Shorty wetsuit during the Winter and Spring. For Summer and Fall, a Shorty is fine, but many people do without very happily.

Here are a few local dive site names, depths and brief descriptions to whet your appetite:

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, 30ft, packed with fish of every description.

Amigos Wreck, 70ft, a small barge with friendly Nurse Sharks in attendance.

Pillar Corals, 50-70ft, wonderful pillar corals amongst numerous other coral and sponge species, a few friendly grouper in amongst lots of smaller fish.

Cypress Canyons, 50-90ft, splendid coral canyon formations, small fish.

Tackle Box, 60-100ft, coral arches, short tunnels, small fish.

Victoria Tunnel, 60-100ft, coral canyons with one particularly interesting long canyon which has formed into a tunnel.

Tuffy Canyons, 60-90ft. canyon formations, small fish.

M&M Canyons, 90-110ft. for the deep diving lover, incredible swim-thru's.

Other dive sites worthy of mention are Tres Cocos, Mata Rocks, Mayan Princess, Esmeralda, Love Tunnels...there are more; dive them when you get here!

On all the dives listed above you have a great chance of seeing spotted eagle rays, sharks of all species and large and friendly (we promise!) barracuda.

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Map of Reef Diving Areas

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