Caribbean Sharks and Rays

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We are very pleased to share with you one of our informational and educational outputs, the regional poster of sharks, rays and chimeras of the Caribbean. Although evidently not exhaustive, it represents some of the more commonly sighted or captured species in our region.

Thank you to our wonderful illustrator Marc Dando for the beautiful artwork and to the SOS - Save Our Species and the Whitley FundforNature for funding the creation of this poster. We are additionally thankful to Cecilia Guerrero, Andrés Felipe Navia, Paola Andrea Mejía y Rafael Viscaya Tavares for support with the translation into Spanish.


Click here for a 15mb PDF titled "Identification Guide to Common Sharks and Rays of the Caribbean"

For more on sharks and rays, click here for our shark and ray section in our "Ambergris Caye Field Guide."

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