Design & Construction

D. Camal Construction and Cabinet Shop
is committed to helping customers make the most of their resources with high quality, timely construction that is completed within budget. We offer a design/build approach that identifies the project budget, goals, needs and specifications.

We start the design/build process by asking the client to describe their visions of their projects. We will want to know the client’s wants, budget and schedule. This ends with a preliminary floor plan sketch to establish the scope of work. When a scope of work is established, we then attach a ballpark cost estimate to the job.

If we meet the scope and preliminary budget expectations of the client, we then establish a Design Agreement. The Design Agreement is a contract for our design services. During this stage we will forward preliminary design drawings for feedback from the client. This is a very exciting time for the client as they see their dreams take shape. When a basic design is agreed upon, the ideas are then developed into working construction drawings.

After working construction drawings are completed, we will take the responsibility of presenting the drawings to the local planning authorities for approval. At this stage, we are now ready to enter into a Construction Agreement. The Construction Agreement is a contract for our construction services and includes the total price for the job. During the construction phase, we will update the client on the progress and schedule.

Because the contractor is responsible for both design and construction, cost overruns resulting from design error or faulty coordination are the responsibility of the contractor, not the owner. The owner pays only for scope changes that he initiates.

Our buildings are constructed in a variety of forms, including conventional block with reinforced concrete structures,
Insulated Styrofoam Panels with reinforced concrete structures, wooden frame structures or combination of both concrete and wood and metal building systems. From experience we know that most customers prefer conventional block with reinforced concrete structures enhanced with local Belizean hardwoods or mahogany finishes or stucco walls and ceilings.

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