The Neil Fraser Historic Belizean Galleria

These two photos illustrate the coming of the air age to Belize. After
Lindbergh's goodwill visit in 1927, he returned in February of 1929 on
a flight commissioned by Pan American Airways to open up routes for
air service to Central America. Flying a Sikorsky S36 amphibian, he
stopped first in Cuba and then flew on to Belize. The following year
saw PanAm inaugurate regular service to Belize, flying S38
amphibians from a base in Merida.

In the first photo, taken in 1930, one of PanAm's planes is making
its approach to a water landing off the Barracks. It is framed by the twin
towers of the old wireless station, which were destroyed by the 1931

In the second photo a PanAm amphibian is taxiing through the water
to a dock built at the Barracks for loading and unloading passengers
and mail from the aircraft. The pier had a floating platform at the end
so it could rise and fall with the tide.


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