The Neil Fraser Historic Belizean Galleria

A BWIA Lockheed loading at the Belize
airport. The service provided by this
airline linked Belize, for a short time,
with direct flights to Kingston, Jamaica.
The erratic nature of the service,
however, caused BWIA to be known as
"But Will It Arrive."

A TAMSA Avro Anson on the field at Chetumal.
These rickety old WWII trainers were aquired
by TAMSA from the Royal Canadian Air Force
in 1946. They flew for a couple of years between
Belize and Merida, but did their refueling in
Chetumal. The flights gave Belize a link to
PanAm's northbound service from Guatemala
City which stopped over in Merida.

TACA DC3 at the old Moisant Airport in New Orleans.
This mid-50's photo indicates the first direct service
from New Orleans to Belize by TACA.


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