The Neil Fraser Historic Belizean Galleria

A typical September 10th Parade in the 1940's. The BHDF is assembled in front of
the courthouse. On the right is a detachment of police in dress uniform. Brodies is
on the far right. This excellent photo was made by the noted Belize photographer

The only photo I have showing the devastation from the 1931 hurricane. The caption
reads: "Looking south from the courthouse." The handwritten note on the top right
points out: "Mr. Grant's residence." The photo was made by a photographer named

This shot holds a lot of personal memories. It looks east along
Yarborough Road toward government house and is the route I
bicycled every day to school at Wesley College. The cemetery is
on the left and in the distance you can see St. John's Cathedral
(built in 1812).


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