The Neil Fraser Historic Belizean Galleria

The entrance to Government House in the 1940s. Note the "landscaping"
done with plants in cut-off fuel drums. In the vestibule just inside the
doorway was "The Book." It was a custom in those times, if you were
anybody in Belize society, to periodically go to government house and
"sign the book." This trip was a sort of ritual pilgrimage for which the
ladies dressed up in good clothes complete with hat and gloves.
Signing the book was considered a token of respect for the governor and
it also put you on the governor's guest list for official receptions and other

The Cayo Bridge while under construction. This view looks directly
into El Cayo. I believe the house in the foreground was owned by
the Espat family. The bridge was built to accommodate only single
lane traffic, a singular lack of foresight even though travel to Cayo at
that time had to be done by truck or jeep.


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