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Historic Belizean Galleria

Belize Flag

Pitpans being towed to the starting point of their race in the Boxing Day River Regatta.

The "Scots Kirk" or Presbyterian Church, built in 1862. The house in the background was that of my grandfather, Dr. James Cran. He lived on the second floor. His surgery and pharmacy were on the first floor. My mother
has written on the back of this card: "Baptised in this church, 1900. Married in this church June 19, 1923."

Pitpan Races


Scots Kirk


Fisherman Town at St. George's Caye

What might be called the "Main Street" of Fisherman Town at St. George's Caye - 1940s photo.

Log Saw

Log saw at Hillbank logging camp. Logs considered not suitable for export were cut up for local building projects. This saw was used for that purpose. The man in the white helmet is my father, C.N.Fraser. with its clock tower as seen from the park.

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