But how much does a holiday to Belize cost?

Belize is an expensive country to travel to, there’s no getting away from it, unless you stay west and don’t do anything that is. After I realised how much I’d spent in Belize, and how much more I was likely to spend if I stayed in the tourist areas of Caye Caulker, this is exactly what I did.

But how much does a holiday to Belize cost?

how much does Belize cost? Overall in 20 days in Belize I spent £998.55 (£49.93 per day). A good 80% of this was in 10 days on the island of Caye Caulker, where I had a lot of fun. Before that I spent four days in Belize City without doing much but going to Belize City Zoo. After Caye Caulker, and realising how much I’d spent, I decided to chill out in Benque on the Guatemalan / Belize border, just catching up with work, life and exploring ruins for a few days until home time.

Belize is an awesome country that’s definitely worth a visit, despite the price. I hope the Belize costs below give you some idea of what to expect to be handing over if you do decide to explore and just remember that the price you see there, isn’t the price you pay. Expect another 12% tax on top (included below) and to leave a 10% tip if they’ve given you a service.

Belize City spendsBelize City spends

  • Taxi from the bus terminal to the Sea Breeze Hotel (5 minutes) $10 / £3.22
  • 70ml of water $2 / 65p
  • Bus ride to the zoo $3 / 97p
  • Entrance to Belize City Zoo $30 / £9.68
  • Sea Breeze Hotel room with shared bathroom $50 per night/ £16.12 (cheapest available and I’d only recommend this hotel if you want cheap and safe and not much else!)
  • Dental treatment $220 / £71 (not a cost you’ll need, but just in case you wanted to know)
  • how much will I spend in Belize? Chicken fried rice Chinese meal $15 / £4.83 (Not a fan of Chinese food but it was dark on arrival and didn’t want to go out. It was all the hotel could offer. It was grim.)
  • Celebrity restaurant meal with drink $30 / £9.67 (recommended by Lonely Planet, also grim.)
  • Coffee and cinnamon bun at local nice café $7 / £2.26
  • Belikin beer at the Radisson Hotel $2 / 65p
  • Return water taxi with Caye Caulker Crossings to Caye Caulker $29/ £9.35 (they do two a day)
  • Bag from tourist town $20/ £6.45 (broke that day)

Caye Caulker spends

  • How much will I spend in Belize? Dirty McNastys hostel in a 6-bed dorm with private bathroom $32 per night / £10.32
  • Lobster dinner at Enjoy Restaurant $22 / £7
  • Chocolate bar $2 / 65p (all the food from the shops in Caye Caulker tastes kind of off, just so you know. Still edible, but old.)
  • PADI Open Water dive course with Frenchies Diving School $800 / £256 (cheapest on the island)
  • Snorkelling at Caye Caulker Marine Reserve $70 / £22.40
  • Water $2 / 65p
  • King Fish steak with rice and garlic bread at Enjoy Restaurant $22 / £7
  • Pulled pork dinner with three sides and four rum and cokes at Cubana Restaurant $25 / £8
  • Costs of BelizePizza big enough for 4 at Pizza Caulker $35 / £11.20
  • Coffee at Starbucks $6 / £1.92
  • Lobster fajita at Rainbow Restaurant on the water $32 / £10.24
  • Red snapper meal at Sombre dos Alos $20 / £6.40 (you have to go here, Nadine the waitress is awesome)
  • 1 litre of Belizean rum $15 / £4.80
  • 1 night’s accommodation in a 5-bed room at Blue Wave Hotel with shared toilet outside $22 / £7.04
  • Belize water taxi back $30 / £9.60 (because I queued at the wrong one to use my return ticket and there wasn’t another one with that company for four hours)

Benque spends

  • Costs for Belize Benque3-hour bus from Belize City to Benque $9 / £2.88
  • 1 night’s accommodation in a 3-bed room at Benque Resort with private bathroom $26 / £8.33
  • Rice and beans, stewed chicken and salad $6 / £1.92
  • Fryjacks, eggs and beans $6 / £1.92
  • Papaya smoothie $3 / 96p
  • Coffee $1 / 32p
  • 750ml water $1 / 32p
  • Fajita dinner at the park cafe $3 / 96p (this was absolutely delicious, had to go back again)
  • Cost of holidays in Belize Creamy raspberry cake $3 / 96p
  • Can of pineapple $2.75 / 88p
  • Banana bread from street seller $1 / 32p
  • Entrance to Xunantunich Mayan Ruins $10 / £3.20
  • Ferry to Xunantunich $3 / 96p
  • 2 bananas for 25¢ / 8p 
  • A burrito, 3 empanadas and an orange juice $4 / £1.28!
  • Belikin beer $2 / 64p

All the food I had in Benque and Caye Caulker was delicious (bar the lobster fajita, wasn’t sure on that) and in Benque I couldn’t believe how cheap it was!

In Caye Caulker I chose not to go and see the Blue Hole – the number one thing to do in Belize – because it was £155 and you were out at sea for 14 hours from 5:30am. The weather when I was in Belize was just too unpredictable and it would go from sunny to flooding in a few minutes. I just didn’t fancy it. Maybe I’ll regret it in the future, but I’m sure I can live with it.


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