Do we need to Export our truck at the US border? At the Belize border? We will be there at least a year. If we are re-newing our Visa each month, do we need to Export at all?

There is no need to export your vehicle when entering Mexico or Belize. For Mexico you need to get insurance and a vehicle permit. The permit is about $400 USD which you will be refunded back minus $59. If you enter Belize as a tourist they charge I think it was UZD30 and give you 30 days which can be extended 3 times. If you are staying beyond this such as a year or longer it is my understanding that you will have to pay import duty.

You will need to extend the vehicle each month at the same time as renewing your passport stamp in Belize.

I have gotten a six month importation permits for my vehicle for the last four years. The first three years they did not want to give me one (they would rather you paid the duty on it) but this year they insisted on me getting it the first day. The 30 daystamp is only for tourists who will only be here for a short time and is not to go over 90 days. Not sure how they will handle one year.
I used a broker at the border and I also had to get an insurance bond on my truck 2014 Toyota 4 cly pick up - 250.00 insurance bond and 150.00 for broker and it will take from 2 - 4 hours.

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