Has anyone had dental work done in Belize? Such as root canal and crowns?

On Ambergris Caye Dr. Julio Lara is a very good dentist for chipped tooth fixed, cleanings etc. Dr Mark the Minnesota dentist is great. Up north about 3 miles. He usually sends out an email when he's coming to the island.

For major stuff ( crowns, root canals, veneers etc. see Dr. Sanai in Belize city, VERY good husband and wife dental team, very affordable). Also Paloma Dental, Alfonso Palomo in Belize City. I had 2 root canals on the same day. Completely pain free. Absolutely fantastic price. If you are needing a root canal he is a specialist. 223-2624. He is very professional, does amazing work and the prices are less than the co-pays I'd have in the US. They don't routinely offer or have available gas to take the edge off but this dentist is so gentle even I can make it through!

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