How do I find emergency contact infomation?

911 will connect you to the local police station wherever you are in the country of Belize including on Ambergris Caye. The police will be able to render assistance in almost any circumstance. They will also alert the Fire Department and summon an ambulance if needed.

Other contact # in San Pedro are:

Police 911, 206-2022, 226-2926
Fire Department 226-2372
Lions Clinic 226-2073
Health Centre 226-3668
Hyperbaric Chamber 226-2851
Belize Tourism Board 223-31913
Wings of Hope 226-2097

The Coastal Xpress 226 2007

Island Ferry 226-3231
VHF Channel 11

Additional Contacts:

Capt. Sterling Vorus 610-3411
Capt. Jason Edwards 605-4733

North Ambergris

Cori Docter 226-3257
Caitlyn Sharpe-Docter 621-6279
Cullen Walker 622-8201
Dr. Dan Gonzales 226-2660
Dr. Tina Kokkinis 606-2316
Dr. Lerida Rodriguez 226-2197
SSS Chamber 226-2197
Sr. Otto Rodriguez 600-0287
Rape/Abuse Hot Line 623-0688

Belize Tourist Board - 02-31913
Belize Tourism Industry Association 02-31969.

A list of doctors is available on the San Pedro Phone Directory ... Very severe medical cases are normally treated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. The response time would normally be about one hour. That is in day time, a regular flight to Belize City, etc. In night time, a chopper from the Belize Defense Force. There is also Wings of Hope, which is a medical emergency flight service that services San Pedro. The Hyperbaric Chamber Service are the ones who mostly use the Belize Defense Force choppers since they can get into remote areas such as Lighthouse Reef, etc. (Where Blue Hole is located).

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