What is the local telephone service?

Most resorts/hotels will assist their guests with a telephone service. The telephone area code for San Pedro is 226, fixed cell codes: 220 5xxx, Operator 115, Sprint 812, MCI 189. To call San Pedro from outside of the country, dial 011-501-226-XXXX. To call the United States from San Pedro dial,
00 + 1 (Country Code) + (Area Code) + 7 digit number.
The international dialing code for Belize is 501. Hotels have fixed rates for local and international calls. All telecommunications services (direct dial phones, fax, telex, cable) are available; but calls from Belize are much higher than an equivalent call to Belize. Remote jungle lodges usually have short wave radio communications linked to cellular service.

For a San Pedro phonebook online, or to get phone numbers from around Belize, Click here (https://ambergriscaye.com/phonebook).

Belize Telephone Limited is an monopoly protected by the Belize government. It is primarily a Sprint owned and operated phone service. Local calls cost BZE $0.25/$0.125 U.S. Local and national BTL services is currently under re-construction with area code 226 (San Pedro Town) being last on a list of city by city upgrades, the most important being the adding of an additional digit to the local area code; which will release the moratorium on getting a phone number or a second line for many permanent San Pedro residents, Belizean citizens and business interests.

The best way to make international or national calls is to get a BTL phone card or an AT&T card. Get a 40 or more dollar card. Just one call to an 1-800 number in the USA burns the card at the rate of $3.00 BZE per minute, international connect charge rate from Belize. (To connect to an 800 number you dial 001-880 and your number... go figure). If you are on hold for the average 15 minutes to a credit card service bureau, to turn your card back on, because their security department noticed your charges were being done in a foreign country (for example), a $40.00 card will just barely cover your call.

I recently was able to rent a cell phone for a week at the rate of $10 per day(plus phone card) or $60 for 7 days. It was availableat the Casino in Belize City. The security depositwas paid via credit card "authorization." This meansthe card is never really charged as long as you bringthe phone back. -No passport required.

Also, temporary (or transitory) internet access wasavailable at the rate of about $15.00 US per hour.

If you are a business visitor planning to spend some time in Belize and want a temporary internet account, you can make arrangements by contacting Belize Telecommunications, Inc. ("BTL"), Belize’s sole internet access provider (email them at: sales@btl.net).

The Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL) owns the automatic telephone services which covers the entire country. A recent expansion programme has doubled the capacity of the telephone system. A satellite earth station in Belmopan provides high quality telecommunications with the outside world and a cellular network has now been introduced.

Telephone and Telefax services are available at Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL) on Pescador Drive, hours are M-S 8-noon; 1-5. Belize Telecommunications Ltd. rents cell phones for around US$5.00 per day, plus charges for calls and a security deposit. For details, contact BTL at:

In San Pedro: Phone: 226-2111, Fax: 226-2153.

For other contact, see:
Belize Telecommunications Limited
St. Thomas Street
Belize City, Belize
Tel: 501-223-2868
Fax: 501-223-8100
E-mail: prdept@btl.net
Here is some information on BTL Phone Services:

BTL’s Wireline service gives you access to basic telephone service, which includes: a telephone number, a free telephone directory, and a free directory listing. To this service you can also add a host of other convenient features that will enhance all your communication needs for your home or business.

You can choose from the following levels of service:

Local Access Only - allows you to receive calls from anywhere, but only make direct calls within your area code.
DDD (Direct Distance Dialling) - allows you to receive calls from anywhere, and make calls within Belize. All international calls must be made with operator assistance at a service charge that is billed to the calling party.

IDDD (International Direct Distance Dialling) - allows you to receive and make calls anywhere in the world with direct dialling capabilities.

Mobile Services
BTL’s Wireless Services are available in all six districts using both the Analogue and Digital networks. It gives you the convenience to always be accessible when you are on the move.

DigiCell operates on GSM 1900 MHz technology and offer both DigiCell PrePaid and Premier Services.

DigiCell PrePaid Service is available if you want to be in total control of your life. This service uses DigiCell PrePaid cards to add value to your account.

You get to decide when you want to spend and how much.

Analogue Cellular Service

BTL’s Analogue Cellular Service operates in the 800 MHz Analogue system and is available in all six districts. With the launch of DigiCell, cellular phones are no longer activated on the Analogue system.

For more information on BTL’s services, click here.

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