What’s the best supermarket in Belize City in terms of biggest variety of all things food and drink?

Save-U or Brodies. I like Brodies, both the downtown and the one coming into town. But 123 in Orange Walk is actually better than either of these. We're getting a Hypermarket in Santa Elena very soon.

In the city, Publics on the northern highway has most of the items You’d find in North America and the prices are generally better than either Brodie’s or Save-u. If you are looking for A/C and Sirius satellite radio while you shop, great, but that’s built into the cost of your groceries. I only have to go to Brodie’s rarely. DK market on the inbound side of the highway also has reasonable prices, is well stocked and neat. Golden Bay downtown has a great Asian food area — sauces, noodles, and they bring in Asian vegetables.

Chef meats on St Thomas st has great refrigeration and also a nice selection of prepared Asian foods (dumplings and such) and veggies ... just down the block from Dr Hoye's office. Right across from the YWCA.

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