Which is cheaper for getting to San Pedro, flying direct from the international airport (BZE) or taking a cab to Municipal airport (TZA)

Two Airport options explained

When flying to San Pedro and other Belize destinations, you have two options with Tropic Air: Fly directly from Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE)  (in Ladyville) to San Pedro Airport (SPR) or take a 30 min taxi to the Municipal Airstrip (TZA) in Belize city and fly to San Pedro from there. Both have their own advantages, and the getting the best airfare may be one of them.

The main advantage of flying directly from BZE is time. Once you’re admitted through Immigration, pick up your luggage and get cleared through customs, you go directly to the Tropic Air counter and then to the departure area to fly over to San Pedro. Depending on your arrival time and the length of the line ahead of you, you could be in San Pedro within 45 – 60 minutes. The price to fly one way from BZE – SPR or SPR – BZE is $179.50 adult fare and $171.50 for children between 2 and 12. If you know your departure date and you choose this route, it is $42.00 cheaper to buy a round trip than two one ways for adults and $40.00 for children

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The advantage of flying from Municipal is cost savings. At $109.00 for a one way adult and  $78.10 for a child, there can be a definite savings over flying from Philip Goldson Airport, especially if you are with a group or have kids who qualify for the child rate. Even when you consider the $50.00 BZD  taxi ride each way, the savings for a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 “qualifying” children) is $698.00. Note that the round trip adult ticket from TZA is significantly less than buying 2 one ways for adults and slightly less for children. Please note  all prices are in Belize Dollars.

On rare occasions, flights going to San Pedro leave Municipal and do a “milk run” to International first to pick up additional passengers or vice versa. This means you might see the same people get on, that were on your flight into the country…. watch for their look of confusion. This is also an exception to the “time advantage” of flying from BZE.


Choose Municipal if you are a group of 3 or more flying to San Pedro or Caye Caulker or have checked on the departures to other destinations upon your arrival at BZE. Dangriga, Placencia and Punta Gorda also fly from Municipal, and the difference in fares are about the same as for San Pedro but they fly much less frequently. Basically if you are 2 people or less it makes more sense to fly out of international after arrival.

Additional Information

  • What to do if your incoming flight is delayed?

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If you’re incoming international flight is delayed, it may mean that you are in for a wait at which ever airport you chose to travel from.

Do not worry, chances are you are not the only one who is on delay. Major Airlines do a great job of communication with local Belize Airlines. If you are on delay and have a Wifi device, while there is no guarantee, you could send an email to reservations@tropicair.com and see if you can get yourself placed on a list. It is important to note Tropic Air will fly all of the passengers to the rest of the country before sending the planes to the island because San Pedro is the only airstrip with lights the so after dark flights (past 6:00 PM) are done safely.

  • Duty Free Belize

Duty-free shopping is available for arriving passengers – not just departing, so some folks like to stock up on wine or liquor before leaving for San Pedro or whatever their final destination. Make sure you bring something to pack  your bottles in and leave room in your check baggage, because they will not be allowed in your carry-on (or purse) on the Tropic Air flight. Duty free limits: 3 cartons of cigarettes, 6 bottles of perfume, 6 boxes of Cigars, 6 bottles of liquor or wine. Cigars and cigarettes can be carried on but can’t be used on the flight.

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