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Our school newspaper this year will go under the name of ìEl Hambreî. In a good sense all of us at this honorable institution should hunger for growth. There should be a hunger for knowledge and our growth in intelligence. We should all have a craving for development in discipline, maturity and responsibility. Not many are hungry, but we should desire to grow spiritually so that we may grow in love and respect for one another. How about a greed and deep hunger to discover ourselves and to set a course for the future?İ Sometimes our hunger is quenched by the pleasures of life and we pay more attention to physical beauty, forgetting the inner being like humility, love, respect, manners, generosity, and other virtues. Yes, this hunger should be felt everyday for as we feed the belly everyday, so should the heart, mind, and soul.

İİİ Teachers should hunger to give of themselves unselfishly so that they can help mould our future leaders of tomorrow, our youth. This hunger can only be felt if teachers realize that the teaching profession is one of caring, and though it is not very financially rewarding, there is a lot of satisfaction in the end. For this reason, EL HAMBRE


invites everyone to join in the hunger and quest for knowledge, self-realization, and building of high self-esteem. Together, and very hungry, we can accomplish much for San Pedro High.İ Welcome to our first issue and happy reading.


A Talk with Past Studentsİİİİ

by Melody Sanchez

When students are in, they want to be out, and when they are out, they would like to return to schoolİİ Our student body, some of them canít seem to make up their minds why they are in school, or have problems settling in. To help in this, I decided to ask three past students of the class of 1994 two simple questions: ì How do you see your high school days and what is your opinion of the principal?î


İCyndy Lou Bradley: My high school years were really interesting- learning important skills and information, and living with classmates. Our group got its NAUI Open Water Certification and did marine biology. I had my priorities wrong and should have listened to a persistent teacher and followed my interests. However, if I had the opportunity, I would definitely go back to high school.İ I thank Mr. Nunez and his excellent staff for all the things they did for us.İ Mr. Nunez, you keep up your good work because I have a little one that I know will give you a lot more gray hair than we did.


Helen Forman:İ My years at high school were the best in my life. It was not only educational and preparing for life, but also fun and interesting. I enjoyed school because my classmates were a good group, up until today. Mr. Nunez is an excellent teacher. Sometimes were difficult and other times easy, but he always understood.

Dorian Nunez:İ My high school years at S.P.H. were an integral part of my life, the best time of my life. It was fun and stimulating for it set the foundation of my life for me to accomplish my goals.İ Like many young people in school, I did not know where I was going to end up or what field I was going to study, but my school helped my accomplish my goals.İ Being in school with my father as principal and teacher was at times easy and at times extremely difficult. But he was an excellent teacher, sincerely.İ His job as principal is very challenging, and I know he gives it all his heart.


Clarissa Nunez Graniel:İ I loved high school because while I was getting a good education, I was having a lot of fun. When I got into the outside world, I then realized how important an education is. High school is about class work, assignments, basketball, volleyball, and doing things together with friends in preparation for your life.İ As teenagers, we sometimes like to do things our own way.İ That is why some teenagers fall into drugs because they go out to the wrong places with friends who are older than them and make wrong choices.İ Now I appreciate why the principal was against our going to discos. I know that Mr. Nunez wants the best for his students today just like he did with us. So if you see him picking on you, it is because something is going wrong with you and he cares about you.


Form Two visits Childrenís Homeİİİ

By Krystle Castillo


İİİİ On December 21, 2000, the class of Two A embarked on a trip to Belize City to visit the poor children at Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center and Foster Home. Using some class funds and 30 dollars from the studentsí pockets to cover boat transportation, they all arrived at the center all excited yet nervous not knowing what to expect. I was personally nervous and was surprised with these children welcoming us into their home. We all knew that are in need of love and care, so the first thing we did was to play some games with them and then we shared gifts which we had bought for them to enliven their Christmas spirit. Some of the children were a bit harsh and others were shy. They did not seem to enjoy the freedom that we enjoy in our homes.

İİİİ Interestingly enough, one of the babies touched many of our hearts and we spent a lot of time interacting. It was as if time stopped and at the end we were not ready to leave. Memories of this visit and the good time we had will remain in our hearts forever.

İİİ I was personally touched as I saw how others who are less fortunate and do not have a home have to live. This trip teaches us that we should be thankful of our homes and families. We noticed that they appreciated their gifts, so I believe that others should donate even money to help these children. Finally the Class of Two A would like to thank our homeroom teacher, Miss Iris Herstig, who organized the trip and Mrs. Natalie Sedassey, who was also our chaperon. I recommend that others should visit this place.





Female Football Team :İ practicing twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday morning.İ They are also preparing for the regional to be held in San Pedro in March.İ

Male Football Team :İİİİ practicing every morning in preparation for their trip to Virginia on the 29th of March.İ The male football team is also Playing friendly matches every two Sunday against local Teams.İ The team is fundraising and collecting sponsorships

from people and businesses.İ In addition to participating in the sports exchange program, the football team is preparing for the regionals.


Female Volleyball Team :İ Went to Orange Walk in November to compete in the regionals and won second place.İ The female volleyball team is now preparing for the upcoming season.

(Editorís note : Truly, we havenít seen any practices at school.)


Male Volleyball Team :İ Competed for the regionals in November and lost with a very low margin of two points.İ The volleyball males plan to raise funds to accomplish their project of painting the volleyball court.

Female Basketball Team:

The team was cancelled.

Male Basketball Team:İ Practicing daily after classes and planning to compete for the sports council in San Pedro.

Softball teams:İ non-existent so far.

Art Club: holds weekly meetings.İ Members are working on water colors

paintings and learning to have more control with water colors and their fluidity.İ The art club plans to display and auction a collection of landscapes, seascapes and still life paintings.

Drama Club:İİİİİİİİ Did one production for the September celebrations and another

one for the school variety show.İ The drama club members are writing their own skits and plan to perform one for Motherís day.

Environmental Club:İİİİ decorated the flag pole and planted it with flowers.

Yearbook Club:İ holds weekly working sessions.İ Members are taking pictures, typing in the computer lab.İ The yearbook club took pictures of

all the students and of the clubs and in the variety show and Freshmanís Day.İ Now they are assembling the book.

Newspaper Club :İ our accomplishment to youíre reading it, finally!İ The club

lacked leadership.



Enjoyable Assemblies 2000-2001İİİ

By Pedro Ayuso


General assemblies every Friday are a lot of fun but they are a lot of work. Teachers and students have to select a relevant topic and develop that idea for the student body. Most classes seem to have put effort in their assemblies as was the one with the policeman and the constitution of Belize. We also enjoyed the big turkey for Thanksgiving Day.İ I think most students appreciated the Christmas presentation by form 3 C and even the interpretation and meaning of the National Anthem by Form Three A. We have had student behavior and teacher behavior, which was also a favorite of the students and teachers.

Most of the themes have been presented through skits. The topic of Parents loving and caring for their children was well presented.İ I think the one that hit the highest ratings by popular demand was the one of Miss Roches. It was a Garifuna presentation where we learned of the arrival of the Garifunas, their culture and food and also their punta dance.İİ Yes, the policeman was beaten by two boys, but the topic of law and order still came out strongly. Miss Roches, acted by Lucy Witty, was so good that it was taken to the Christmas Variety Show organized by the teachers of S.P.H. Lucy is a great actress and when it comes to Punta, she is supreme.İ Our Newspaper club would like to thank all teachers and students for their effort in presenting enlightening and fun assemblies. The students themselves are learning to act, to develop a topic, and to be responsible in presenting their projects.İ KEEP UP THE GOOD ASSEMBLIES.





İ By Claudia Azueta


Once it was learned that hepatitis was on the island with seven confirmed cases and in the Northern District with 21İ cases, our local doctor and our principal arranged for a serious talk for the students to make us all aware of this dangerous disease. Nurse Rose Hale and Doctor Charles Wood of the U.S.A. addressed us in a most enlightening manner.

Hepatitis isİ the inflammation of the liver caused by viruses, drugs or alcohol. There seem to be three (3) main kinds of hepatitis, though other types do exist. In summary:

İİİİ Hepatitis A. It is spread through food, water contaminated by fecal matter, sexual intercourse and contaminated shell fish. (Note: after Hurricane Keith, it was probable contaminated water that affected us in San Pedro)

İİİİ Hepatitis B. İIt is spread through sexual contact, sharing of infected needles, mother to baby, and sharing of cups, which are infected.

İİİİ Hepatitis C:İ This virus is also spread though sexual contact and needles.

Note: Once the jaundice appears, Hepatitis is no longer contagious.

İİİİ GENERAL SYMPTOMS:İ tiredness, stomachache, joint pain, jaundice or yellowing of skin and eyes, nausea, fever, itchy skin.


  1. Wash hands thoroughly before and after use of bathroom
  2. Practice safe sex
  3. Test donated blood for presence of hepatitis virus.
  4. Do not share cups, plates, spoons, forks, nor food and drinks
  5. Do not share needles as the risks are the same as those of AIDS.

Fellow Classmates, Hepatitis can kill but we can prevent it. Follow the advice carefully. Share this information with family and friends. In school especially, use only disposable cups.



BY: Sahsil Perez


Many students think that to achieve high grades in school you have to be also called ëNERDí.İ Well, let me tell you that you donít have to be a nerd to achieve good grades in school, you just have to know when it is time to study and when it is time to have a little fun.İ Never mix them together; they each have their own time.İ The secret to achieve high grades in school, from my experience, is to do the following:

…        Never wear distracting things.

…        Try not to have any worries and if you do, put them aside for a while.

…        Pay really close attention while the teacher is teaching and try really hard to

Understand the concept.

…        Never study lying down in bed because that would just make you sleepy.

…        Try to eat something while you are studying because you need energy.

These pointers may not be all the secrets to achieving high grades but they certainly are the main ones.İ I believe that when you put your mind to something you can achieve that goal is you put your dedication and effort.


S.P.H.S. Scholarscopes


by Walter Manchado


Aries:İ The sun and the moon are not favoring you. You need to be careful while in school. Open yourself for advice from friends.

Taurus:İ Loosen up. You need to request assistance from friends, especially teachers. Good time for making new acquaintances.

Gemini:İ Forget the past and that bad company. Dedicate yourself to what you can do. Study hard for the stars are favoring you.

Leo:İ This week you will be a little hyper. Remember that a stubborn approach will not remedy a thing. Speak to your teachers.

Virgo:İ The planets are in your favor. It is time for you to resolve any misunderstandings, especially with teachers.

Libra:İ Enjoy yourself.İ This week you may fell on top of the world. Remember though, those test results and donít be over confident.

Scorpio:İ It is time to turn a new page.İ Forget those demerits and start anew. Something special lurks ahead.

Capricorn:İ It is time to reap of your hard work at school. Your test results indicate that you have worked hard. Now go home and ask your parents for your reward.

Aquarius:İ The planetary system may influence you negatively. Be careful for some problems may arise both at home and at school. Donít worry for your school counselor is there for you.



BY :İ Daryani Perez


Even after more than three months now, we can still see the damages made by hurricane ìKeithî to our beloved San Pedro High.İ Even today we are striving to get back to normal classes.

Although we have recovered eighty five percent of our beautiful school, there are just some thing we wait longer to have.

Presently, some of the students at San Pedro High still donít have uniforms, books and past notes that can help them to get higher grades for final exams at the end of the year.İ Sharing of books has been very distracting to classes.

İİİİİİİİİİİ The seniors have lost a few weeks of classes that are very essential in their preparation for C.X.C.İ We are asking now to be supportive to our friends and help them get out of this disaster without any extra pain.



BY:İ Adriana Vasquez


All students of San Pedro High must remember that this year the school rules have changed a lot.İ Some were kept and the others changed.İ One that all students must take seriously is that this year there will be no end of term exams given.İ This was changed because the school principal is experimenting to see which of the two systems that progresses better, will be kept.İ That means that if this year the principal sees no progress in students, the following year the system will be changed back to having end of term exams.İ If you want to progress in your grades, her are some tips:

1.      Since all of your daily grades are important, you should study every night

2.      You can only miss two tests and still pass, so you must keep in mind to

Attend school everyday.

3.      If you do skip tests for good reasons, remember that you can ask teachers for a make-up test, if you missed any.

4.      Finally, you can study your student file ad look for your weak grades in each subject and find a way to make them go up; moreover, if you have problems in any subject, find help from a teacher or person

İİİİİİİİ who can help you understand them.





A lady who suffers of rheumatism and uses a wheel chair asks her doctor:

ìSo, in a short time you will have me walking?î

ìOf course,î says the doctor, ì you will have to sell your car and even your wheel chair to pay me your medical bills.î


The teacher asks Pepito:

ìDo you know what is a ìsiestaî?î

ìNo sir.î

ìOf course you know. What does your father do after work?î

ìOh, Sir, that is what my mom would like to know.î


Pepitoís dad notices that the rude child takes houseflies and cuts off their wings and makes them walk on the table. ìWhy do you do such an atrocious and rude thing, Pepito?î

ìIt is no big thing, dad. I simply change the flies from the air force to the army.î



    The selection of 23 football players has been made and Mr. Vasquez has not been wasting any time in preparation for the Virginia trip at the end of March. The boys have shown great interest and enthusiasm with their effort, which will determine who will be the ones to be victorious at the matches, and also who will be the final 20 to be s elected.İİİİ

İİİİ Every morning they are up and working out at sunrise at 5:45 at the school compound even during the cold December days.İ The boys held their first game against the Washington Municipal College at the Ambergris Stadium.İ This time around they lost 1 to 3, but the boys are not one bit discouraged.İ In f act, it has given them one more reason to put more effort in their drills and exercises. These boys seem determined not only to go to Virginia and have a good time, but also to earn and deserve the trophy.

İİİİ Apart from preparing for the trip, the boys are also learning a good lesson on saving money, budgeting and collecting funds. Everyone is busy looking for sponsors that will cut down their costs in traveling, which will be in excess of $20,000.İ San Pedro High soccer team, we want you to know that we all are 100% percent behind you.


Why Home Works are important?

İİİİ As a part of student-life, many responsibilities arise.İİ Some of these responsibilities include being punctual, being mannerly, and being respectful. Another of these tasks is the expectation of your completing assignments or homework.

İİİ The homework can come in many forms- problems, essays, research, reports, questions, summaries, analyses, etc.

İİİ Although homework may be seen tiresome or tedious, there are many benefits to be gained as you attempt to complete such given work.İ Here is a small list of these benefits:

  • To practice the art of learning to be responsible
  • To provide you with an opportunity to grasp an added understanding of the work taught during the day.
  • To provide practice
  • To learn more about the topic
  • To get better grades
  • As you spend more time working, you are better able to memorize, recall and learn
  • To assist in yourİ storage of new information or new knowledge

Remember the key is to facilitate easier learning and understanding and homework will certainly aid you in this.İ Happy Homework to all.


Why Stay out of the building during breaks?İİİİ

By Rochelle Rivero


İİİİ We are being told to kindly stay out of the building and out of the classrooms duringİ recess İbreak, lunch break, and indeed whenever we are not officially in class.İ Why is this important?İ

  1. Something can get lost and you can be blamed.
  2. Students leave their bottles and plastic plates all over the place in the building and this looks very unattractive for a school.
  3. Students leave food in the trash bins in the building and this attracts flies.
  4. Some students, who steal, take the opportunity to go and search into other studentsí bags.
  5. Some students simply go into the classrooms to do mischief, for example, to write on demerit cards, or the tables, or peopleís bags.

İİİİ I believe that the school is only trying to make us learn respect and good discipline. Besides, a break is a time to be out of the classroom and enjoy the sunshine and the fresh breeze.İ Let us all enjoy break outside.


Who is Azul Medio Azul?

Since September of last year Azul Medio Azul made its first appearance in the entertainment circles of San Pedro. Since then they have made four appearances including a gala night for San Pedro Junior College, The Principalís birthday, and for the Christmas variety. Azul Medio Azul is no joke. It is a group of serious, funny, very talented non-professional entertainers who claim can imitate any male group in modern show biz. The group includes male teachers of the San Pedro High School staff and includes Mr. Gustavo Ellis, Mr. Eliphas Santos, Mr. Angel Carillo, Mr. Menalio Vasquez, and Mr. Alex Nunez. They have their own unique and humorous energetic way of getting their fans scream to death. One thing is certain; they can only perform with a screaming audience. Azul Medio Azul has received one big compliment. After its first presentation at Central Park, an American Couple came to the M.C. and asked: Where are these guys from?î Ever since, the group has been the talk of the town. And just when will we see them perform again. El Hambre does not know the exact date, but their manager tells us that something is boiling in the pot.








Seniors, You have spent $9866. on C.X.C.İ Now work hard to make everyone proud of you.İ We have five months to do it.



…        January 30,Ö 3C cake raffle

…        February 14,Ö 4C raffle Miami ticket

…        February 14,Ö 2A cupcake sale

…        February 5,Ö teachersí chandelier raffle


School Fees are due NOW!

For second term.


March 13 San Pedro High hosts ìNorthern Regionals in Soccerî at Ambergris Stadium.


SORRY, we lament that S.P.H. could not field a team for softball competition due to lack of members and interest.


KUDOS for the soccer team that travels to Virginia at the end of March for a ten day student exchange.






      Send a greeting 
to that special friend or loved one
      on our S.P.H.S. Newspaper.
Let your messages be short and nice.
The fee is only $2.00.
Contact : Findley Halliday (3A)










Special Valentine

Greetings to the

Class of 2A

From all your teachers and staff.


Congratulations to Wilfredo and Wilema Alamilla who celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary on January 25.


Greetings to Angel Cantun on Valentineís Day

From Dorcas Meza


Thanks to Adriana Vasquez for your friendship and confidence

From a true friend Mary Donis


Congratulations and ALL our appreciation to the Newspaper Club for their successful first issue.İ You can do it again.


Valentineís Love to all the members of AZUL MEDIO AZUL

From all fans who want to see you in action.


Principal Nunez sends his greetings and well wishes to allİ his staff and especially to the ëTamales Crewí for their hard work.


San Pedro High extends warm Valentine Greetings to all our Caye Caulker students for your sacrifice and perseverance.


La Churri would like to tell Saquis that she ìLOVES HIM TOO MUCH.î Kisses to u on valentineís Day!


Love to Edwin in form four.İ Hope to be your prom date.

A secret admirer.



I want to tell Madnani that she is a beautiful girl.

A secret admirer


Newspaper Club thanks everyone for their contributions


EL HAMBRE    San Pedro High    January 25, 2001

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