SEPTEMBER 1998   San Pedro High School   Volume 1


Freshmen‰s Day

On Friday, September 4, students participated in various races and contests to mark Freshmen‰s Day, a day set to welcome the new students with fun-filled games and activities.

Some of the categories included the banana eating contest in which five students took part and had to eat as many bananas that were in the box. Raul Graniel of Form 4 stuffed some 21 bananas winning 7 points for his class.

Another category was the fishermen‰s race where you had to run and put on your mask, fins and socks and race to the finishing line. Other races were the frog leap, alligator walk, the mummy wrap and the dizzy easy relay.

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The excitement of the day heightened when the participants representing each class raced to the finishing line, after they had walked around a baseball bat and run to where Mr. Vasquez was standing on the other end.

It was all laughter when the contestants scrambled towards the almond tree and the school fence; some of them crawled desperately to the finishing line to score for their class.

When the games were over, the Principal announced the winners. Form Four scored the most points and were awarded a holiday on a day of their choice. The first runner-up was Form Three who were narrowly beaten by the seniors.

Apart from the excitement that brewed throughout the hot day, everyone enjoyed the day to the maximum except Mr. Tzul who sustained a fractured arm in the tug-o-war between staff and seniors.


Editor ............................Apolinar Tzul

Associate Editor...á...Conchita Valdez

Contributors.....................Ida Martinez

Martin Dawson

Jennifer Fiore

Adriana Vasquez

Yuri Tun

Esra Al-Debough

Mrs Nathalie Sedacy

Mr. Emil Vasquez

Mr. Luis Frutos

Mr. Angel Nuñez


EDUCATION: What it is all about?

BY: Mr. Luis Frutos

There is an old Chinese proverb that goes like this: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; but, teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life."

There is a lot of truth in this maxim. A good education does not prepare you only for the near future; it prepares you for life. Indeed, society has placed education above and beyond the immediate return of money. Our parents and teachers try their best to keep us in school as long as possible for they value education.

Today we are living in a much more complex world. The world has become a global village, yet no one expects to learn all the complexities of living, not even in a lifetime of studies. But each day profitably spent in school, will help you better understand your personal relation to your Creator, your fellow human being, and the world at large. Realize that you are the center of the universe and that you are the reason for the existence of high schools and colleges. They are there for you.

You might not be the best of student but under the guidance of your teachers you can get a grasp of the things you should know before you go into the world of work. Your school trains you in the use of works, and the use of numbers and gives you a proper start in the special skills you may need in a trade or a business or profession you plan to enter.

Strive to add breadth to your view and comprehension of your country. Do not assume that the "government" will always look after the welfare of the country. Your years in school will help you to discern the truth to the business of living in a free democracy.

To be a good Belizean is the most important job that will confront you. But essentially it is nothing more than being a good member of your community, helping those that need your help, winning over the good will of people who do not agree with you and doing your job better everyday.

The answer to being a better citizen is found in your school, if you look for it. You do not have to be a genius to understand this.

! & M S œ


by: Mr. Apolinar Tzul

The San Pedro Town Board in collaboration with the September Celebrations Committee hosted a seminar on Thursday, September 17, for the students of San Pedro High.

Various presenters addressed the students in selective sessions on topics such as Leadership, Tourism, Drugs and Alcoholism, Crime and Gangs, Sex Education and Patriotism.

The speakers were introduced to the group by the homeroom teachers and time was allowed for questions at the end of each session. Among the presenters were well-trained educators, doctors, businessmen and police officers.

The seminar was declared open by His Lordship Mayor Alberto Nuñez and Deputy Mayor Eiden Salazar. The Guest Speaker for the occasion was Area Representative Hon. Miss Patty Arceo.

Ministerial Appointments for Teachers

The new school year is already in full swing but not everyone knows about the portfolios (extra-curricular activities) that the teachers are nobly carrying out.

Below is a list of their portfolios. However, the title of "Honorable" has been left out, nor erroneously since the work of teachers is an honorable task everyday.


Mr. Apolinar Tzul - Student Council & Newspaper Club

Mrs. Natalie Sedacy - Art & Student Council

Mr. Luis Frutos - Environmental Club

Miss Conchita Valdez - Newspaper Club

Mr. Alex Nuñez - Yearbook & sports

Mr. Gustavo Ellis - Sports

Miss Elia Avilez - Drama

Mr. Angel Nuñez - Drama

Mr. Emil Vasquez - Sports

Miss Maria Noble - Sports



BY: Mr. Angel Nuñez

Many people believe that we have always had this present building and we have only been expanding on it ever since. But no, it is not so. Our first building was the Community Center, now the Town Hall.

The first classroom we used was where the Town Hall is presently located with a little office more or less where the clerks are presently working. In that classroom we had 34 students, the total enrollment of San Pedro High. As more classrooms were needed, we constructed them. Two classrooms were built by ourselves downstairs of the Town Hall where the clinic is located. Then another celotex classroom was built in the yard. Then we borrowed the lower flat of the priest‰s house by the church. Then we borrowed a little house belonging to Mr. Apolonio Alamilla where the Alijua Building is located. We also built our Science Laboratory at that last site.

As you can see, we were scattered over the village, but operating quite successfully, with many hardships but never complaining. It doesn‰t pay to complain. We need people with solutions, not complaints.

The message to everyone is: Don‰t complain that all things are not perfect. If the paint is peeling off a wall, don‰t complain. Think about the times when we were "eating" sand because the students were jumping upstairs on an old wooden floor. Enjoy your life at S.P.H.S, and if you can help make it better, please do so.

I would like to end with this thought: "I complained that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet."

A New Student Council for SPHS

There is a new Student Government for San Pedro High comprising of class officers and an elected Executive Council.

Last Thursday, September 24, elections were conducted for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The mood in the classroom of 1g was an upbeat one even before the casting of votes began.

At 3:30 pm, Mr. Apolinar Tzul and Mrs. Nathalie Sedacy, called the meeting to order and, after explaining the procedure for the elections, opened the floor for nominations.

Eleven nominations were received then the voting got underway. When the counting began, tension heightened in the room. Who shall be the men/women at the helm? The answer soon came after some ten minutes of counting.

In the end, the following class officers were elected to serve for the year 1998-1999:

Ingrid Sanchez - President

Evelyn Sanchez - V. President

Orlando Iglesias - Secretary

Cruz Flores - Treasurer

The following morning President elected Ingrid Sanchez told the student body during an assembly that she will work tirelessly to obtain as many amenities lacking for San Pedro High, and that only with the support of her fellow students this could be achieved.

Congratulations to all four elected executive members!

The first day of classes

by: Ida Martinez

On Monday, August 31, the doors of San Pedro High were open. Seventy new freshmen walked through the doors of San Pedro High to begin a hard journey of work to Anchor in Success. Out of those seventy students about 10 students came all the way from Caye Caulker to receive the knowledge that San Pedro High has to offer.

San Pedro High has renovated a new fourth form for the seniors. There are three form one classrooms, two second forms, one third form, and one fourth. The first day of school was very hectic. The students were addressed by two teachers who came all the way form Belize City to join the staff of San Pedro High and to share their knowledge with the students.

The bell was rung at 11:00am. After all the students had settled down and decided what they were going to do for Freshmen‰s Day. Some of the students were excited and nervous. In the years ahead, they will be taught various disciplines to Anchor in Success one day.

The miss san pedro pageant

by: Mrs. Nathalie Sedacy

In San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Wednesday, September 9, 1998 was the gala night for the Miss San Pedro Pageant. The affair was teamed with excitement, suspense and eager anticipation. The pageant boasted of amity, elegance, festivity and cultural connections. The five contestants proudly displayed swim wear, casual wear, evening wear and a cultural collage of Marine Life. The winner was one of San Pedro High School‰s very own sophomores, the young Miss Norma Flota.

The Queen of Miss San Pedro began preparations for this pageant, starting from early August. She constantly practiced walking, dancing and modeling. Miss Flota‰s enthusiasm and dedication fared well for this young teen who proudly walked away with all titles, including Miss Photogenic, Miss Amity and of course, the crown.

In an interview with the young Queen, Miss Flota expressed that she enjoyed the many outings that she attended with the other contestants. An four contestants certainly became exposed to the dining ambiance of San Pedro. Venturing outside of San Pedro, on one of these outings, Miss Flota also stated that she enjoyed the most, there trip to Chetumal.

Presently, Miss Flota is eager to travel to Miami, Florida for her Easter Holidays; this trip for two was one of her main prizes.

When asked about her first reaction at the final announcement of her winning. Miss Flota responded modestly that she definitely is "pleased, excited and happy." She is also very thankful to her many friends and family who eagerly supported her during the preparations for the pageant. Miss Flota now looks forward to presenting herself at various other pageants and shows here in San Pedro.

This sophomore‰s final words to us is that she encourages everyone to try new experiences and to seek opportunities to meet new people and develop new friendship. She quotes, "I did not expected to win. I wanted to have a different and new experience among other girls." Miss Norma Flota, San Pedro High School congratulates you. We know you will represent the young women of today‰s society with honor, respect and dignity. May you enjoy your new experiences and appearances as the reigning Miss San Pedro 1998 to 1999. Congrats!

Your Monthly Horoscope


(Mar. 21- April 19)

You may be winging your way this week to see friends or relatives or maybe even a business flight, be sure to get extra insurance at the airport, Nothing bad in the stars but that is just a matter of concern for the family. Children will be good as gold today as you pack and prepare to leave and require little attention from you and the spouse. Put away worries over your work and use this travel time to unwind. A dream or a vision could bring you to a many insights in acquiring spiritual values and then living each day in them.


(Apr. 20- May 20)

Extravagance may become your undoing this week if you are not careful with your spending. Take one step at a time and things will work out for the best for all concerned in a certain legal matter. Put off any major purchases until another week as you are apt to buy the first needed article you see instead of finding another, and better one at a bargain. Family and friends will take your time this week but be careful you do not let them monopolize your time entirely. Write your dreams down and study them for the messages they are giving you, you will be glad you did when you hit on the answer you have been seeking.


(May 21-June 21)

 Sweep that certain someone off his or her feet and get ready to pop the all important question. Although your head is in the clouds and filled with romance, and your heart is filled with love, don't let romance cost you prestige at work by becoming a day dreamer, this would not sit too well with the powers that be. Older family members will come to you with an idea that may afford you a chance to better your finances, don't forget them when you do. Pay close attention to your dreams as they can aid you through any questions or doubts you may have.


( June 22-July 22)

 A gala social event is on your horizon and you will find yourself renewing old acquaintances that you have not seen for many years. It will be fun for you as you go out hobnobbing with the cream of society. Domestic disputes can now become a thing of the past as you renew your vows and your love. Angels will watch over you when you take a necessary risk that you can't avoid. Your dreams will show you a lot of things this week but mostly they will give you vital information about running your life.


(July 23-Aug 22)

 Conditions on the job gradually improve to the point that you may decide to stay with the firm and pass up that new job offer. A long lost love tries to return but you are having none of it. If you truly loved this person there would be no question about it, you would welcome him or her back with open arms; Ignore the overtures and this one should pass on through. An angel on your shoulder keeps you from making a mistake. Listen to your dreams this week as they could clear up some problems that have been worrying you for you will be dreaming true.


(Aug. 23 -Sept. 22)

 Employee unrest this week at your workplace but you have the matter well in hand by weeks end. Plan some activities with the children as they do not see half enough of you because you are always busy. A youth group reaps the benefit of your time and money as you help them build their recreational hall. Friends may try to talk you out of a well though out career move but this is something that only you can decide as you know what is best for you. Pay attention to your dreams today as they could be informative.


(Sept. 23 -Oct. 23)

 Someone gets you mad this week but you have learned to control yourself and your temper so you let it slide. You will be glad that you did and did not go out and retaliate in kind against this person, as only you could. Take time to get reacquainted with the children and find out what makes them tick, You will get more happiness out of this than they will. A domestic dispute could crop up this week and you will have to do some investigating to straighten it out. You dreams will be of a spiritual nature and should be closely monitored for messages.


(Oct. 24 - Nov. 21)

You may meet someone this week that you may instantly take a liking to but you fear they are not serious enough for you. Just because this person is in a carefree mood at the time does not make him/her frivolous. Labeling is a person is one of the worlds greatest injustices that one human can do to another on a chance encounter. Friends come to you for advice concerning a matter that is very important to their marriage and you wisely refrain from making any suggestion except that they should see a marriage counselor. Dreams are your magic mirror, look into them.


(Nov. 22 -Dec. 21)

This week you should be more thrifty than you usually are as there is a danger of overspending on unnecessary luxury items that will sit in the corner, or the closet, slowly rotting or rusting away before you can figure out why you bought it in the first place. (I know! Wanna see my closet?) Don't let the disagreements with someone you are trying to help cause you stress and anxiety as you have done all you can and the problems should be over by the end of the week. Your dreams should be of help in that area as you are shown ways in which to handle these things. Spend time meditating on them and you will understand.


(Dec 22.- Jan. 19)

This week will see making financial strides in the business world and a good increase in your financial picture letting living you enjoy the kind of life you always knew you could if you were only given the chance to do it. Your dreams have come true and now you are on your way to success. Remember that you are the only one that can succeed for you and you should act accordingly. This week you may have the chance to have an angel encounter, one you will find unforgettable. Dreams are vague this week and hard to remember.


(Jan. 20 -Feb. 18)

Aquarius should not get too independent this week as that could lead to some irreparable misunderstandings with the people you care the most about as they see your independence and aloofness as a lack of caring. Loosening up will be your best avenue to take towards restoring the peace. Teenagers may give you a rough time during the first part of the week, and you give lovingly of your time and energy. A new job offer comes your way but you wisely opt for a few days to think it over. Dreams may be in living color. Towards the end of the week your dreams will turn serious and this is the time you will need to meditate on them.


(Feb. 19-Mar. 20)

The fishes will find themselves in a turmoil this week as it will be extremely hard for you to make a decision and stick to it for any length of time as the love of your life is good at changing your mind. It will be best to put off making decisions that could have a major impact on your life and/or your future. If you are tempted this week to follow the path least resistance it is a cinch that you will be found out. Would it be worth it? Your dreams may also send you a warning on that score so pay close attention and you may find yourself dreaming 'true'.



Winner Loses

Winning the lottery is every gambler‰s dream. So when Donna Lee Sobb hit the California state lottery for one hundred thousand dollars he was thrilled. Not only did she need the money; but her winning ticket also qualified her for the big two-million-dollar jackpot.

Things were looking up for Donna, it seemed. She smiled as she looked at her picture in the local newspaper. She was getting some attention, and people on the street occasionally recognized her. Unfortunately for Sobb, so did the people on the beat -- the police beat, that is. A local cop read her story, saw her picture, and recognized her as the woman wanted by authorities on an eight-month-old shoplifting warrant.

Now Sobb really needed that hundred dollars she had just won. She ended up applying it toward her bail.

¹ J W Z

The Rubber with a Lemon

The Greenback Bank has been robbed many times over its eighty-year history, but the staff will never forget one particular robber. He wasn‰t particularly bright or very violent, but he did have a remarkable car.

The robber came in with a pistol and demanded money. The teller smiled pleasantly, complied with the robber‰s demands, watched which way the robber turned, then called up the road to warn the gas station attendant. The gas station attendant saw the car speed by and called ahead to the police department, who promptly arrested the suspect.

Actually, it might not even have mattered which way this robber turned. Although the crook was surprised at how quickly he was apprehended, no one else was.

As the officer said, "It‰s not every day you see a 1961 Red Edsel that screams Arrest me!"

There were only two cars like it in the entire state.

Z Î ) J


It‰s an age-old story of love, lust, and automobiles - with a new twist brought on by the current Age of Litigation.

A young couple became amorous in a car parked along their town‰s notorious Lover‰s Lane. They were in the throes of passion when another car pulled in slowly in front of them. The driver considerately turned off his lights. But then, trying to back up in the dark, the new arrival bumped into the lovers‰ car.

The couple sued the other motorist‰s insurance company for child support. The lovers claimed the fender bender outside the car caused another little accident inside the car. The bump from the untimely collision allegedly caused them both to momentarily "lose control" and the result was an accidental pregnancy.

That‰s one for the record books - the first and only case (we hope) of a fender bender resulting in a "love child."


What will you have to drink? Week-end Whisky. Week-end Whisky? What‰s that? Drink it and your week ends right there.


If you‰re not a good little girl, you won‰t go to heaven. Don‰t you want to go to heaven?

Well, I‰ve been to the circus and to Mexico and to the States. I can‰t expect to go everywhere.


Son, I‰m spanking you because I love you.

Dad I‰d like to be big enough to return your love.



If a jackass is tied to a fence and there is a bale of hay ten feet away. How does he get the bale of hay?

I don‰t know - I give up

That‰s what the jackass did!

*********************************What‰s the difference between a sewing machine and a kiss? One sews seams nice and the other seems so nice!




by: Jennifer Fiore

Brenda Lopez - 1st

Ada Gonzalez - 5th

Dianela Rivero - 16th

Ian Pau - 17th

Francine Leslie - 22nd

Mrs. Nathalie Sedacy - 23rd

Beverly Wallace - 24th

Hector Alamilla - 24th

Abram Alamilla - 26th

Orlando Iglesias - 27th

Sheina Torres - 27th



A Short Story about an Independence Day Celebration

by: Martin Dawson

As Independence Day arrived, young children, teenagers, and even elderly people did their chores for the morning as early as possible, so that they could go to the central park to be able to witness the official coronation of Miss San Pedro 98/99, Miss Norma Flota. The people waited anxiously for the ceremony to commence. At 10:30 sharp the ceremony started and all the people took their places to view the ceremony. The Town Councilors escorted the four beautiful young ladies who competed for Miss San Pedro including Miss San Pedro 97/98, Miss Vanya Vasquez. Miss Vanya Vasquez was escorted to the stage by the Mayor Mr. Alberto Nuñez, and Miss Norma Flota by the Deputy Mayor Mr. Eiden Salazar Jr. Mr. Angel Nuñez, the Master of Ceremonies, then introduced the five young beautiful ladies to the audience. Miss Vanya Vasquez, Miss San Pedro 97/98 crowned Miss Norma Flota and wished her all the best in her year to reign and asked her to do the best of her ability to represent her Town of San Pedro. Miss Norma Flota accepted the crown and her obligations as Queen of San Pedro Town. After the ceremony, the order for the parade was announced by Mr. Nuñez. Immediately the crowd of people found their respective groups to go and parade. I myself, got in my group ready to parade down the streets of San Pedro to celebrate Independence Day. As soon as the parade started, the people who didn‰t want to join the parade lined on the side of the streets to view and applaud as the parade passed by. The parade went all the way to San Pedro High School, in the San Juan Area then Pescador Drive and then to Tarpon Street and then to Barrier Reef Drive and ended at the central park. The people who took part in the parade danced and sang all the way as the parade proceeded along. The people that participated in the parade lined in the middle of the park to get their bag of snacks and ideals. The people then waited to see who was the lucky winner of the floats. There was delicious food and cold drinks to quench down the thirst after the long parade.

Finally, the winner of the best float was announced and it was won by Mrs. Lydia‰s Primary School and San Pedro High School came in second place as the best crowd. To finish the day of Independence games were played like egg toss, tug-o-war, arm wrestling, the famous greasy pole and many more. Live music was provided by the Unity Band which lasted until eight o‰clock in the night to conclude the Independence activities.

Meet Ms. Elia and Ms. Celeste

by: Yuri Tun

Ms. Elia Avilez is a new teacher at San Pedro High. She is from Belize city and teaches Spanish and Social Studies. Her hobbies are jogging, exercising, reading and poetry.

She attended St. Catherine‰s Academy in Belize City and St. John‰s College Sixth Form where she majored in History. Ms. Avilez told ANCHOR IN THE NEWS in a brief interview that since her coming to San Pedro, the islanders and students have treated her very friendly for which she is extremely grateful.

Although she is still young at age 20, Ms. Elia says she believes strongly that respect is a key to success. Respect, she says, should be reciprocated.

Ms. Celeste Phillips lives in San Pedro and is instructing a group of students to sing in the choir. There are currently 29 students in her class. Her aim is to work together as a group and to teach her group to appreciate music as well as singing. Interestingly, Ms. Phillips‰ brothers and sisters have all taken a course in music, art and dancing.

San Pedro High welcomes and wishes these new instructors the best. çBienvenidos!

An interview with Mrs. Nathalie

by: Esra Al-Debough & Adriana Vasquez

Q: Please, can you tell me about yourself?

A: My name is Nathalie Williams, 29 years of age, have 2 sons. I am a graduate from the University of Victoria, Canada.

Q: So far, what do you think of San Pedro High?

A: I‰m enjoying the new school because the kids are vibrant; they have a lot of energy.

Q: At what schools did you teach before?

A: St. Catherine‰s Academy and at St. John‰s High School, both in Belize City.

Q: What subjects do you have most fun teaching?

A: Literature

Q: What kind of advice would you like to give to your students?

A: It‰s important for them to finish their high school, but never stop there; go further in your studies, work hard keep in touch with your family, and never forget your roots.



Snorkeling, Flat Fishing, Reef Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing. For all your fishing needs call Vincent Dawson at 226-2026 or cell 0149385 San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

We also offer Bird Watching, Picnics and River Tours.


by: Mr. Emil Vasquez

So far, no official school team has been organized. Nevertheless, plans are under way to form school teams in the areas of football, basketball and volleyball.

For the first time in the history of SPHS, efforts are being made to join the various sports competitions at the secondary level . It is expected that our teams will get one chance per year to compete in the northern zone against schools such as Corozal Community College, Muffles College and Orange Walk Technical High School. If our team can manage to win against these schools, they will advance to the finals in which they would be matched against schools from Belize City and the southern zones.

Being our first attempt at this type of competition, it is important to realize it is going to be a tough challenge for our teams, especially because SPHS is a relatively small school compared to most secondary schools in Belize.

Very soon, students will be asked to sign up for the various teams and practice sessions will be scheduled.

In local competition, SPH has been invited to participate in a 5-A-Side Marathon to be held on Sunday, September 27. So far 20 boys and 9 girls have signed up, so it is expected that SPHS will register 3 teams, including a female team, a junior team and a senior team.


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